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APG-Neuros holds a strong foundation both in aeronautic technology and engineering. APG-Neuros was founded in 2006 to distribute, manufacture, provide aftermarket support and continued development of the high efficiency Turbo Blowers and complete Aeration Systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North America and Europe. APG-Neuros remains the market leader in the High Speed Turbo Blower category, now reaching over 900 units sold in North America and Europe and over 120 on order. It all started with just one person, Omar Hammoud, in 2006 and has grown to a present total of 69 employees in the US and Canada combined.

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1270 Michèle-Bohec , Blainville , QC J7C 5S4 Canada

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APG-Neuros’ Turbo Blower technology was founded in the aerospace and defense industry where Aero Engines were used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and in the F-16 military aviation program, making the technology tested and reliable. The core of the technology is the patented 3rd generation bump foil air bearing which is oil-free and non-contact, needing no lubrication or associated maintenance thereby resulting in lower vibration from the rotor during operation. Its proven durability and endurance have been demonstrated through 25,000 starts; equivalent to more than twenty years lifetime in a typical operation!

APG-Neuros has built a well-established Engineering, Sales and Support network across North America that is dedicated to the support of the Turbo Blower product line. Its network of direct sales and support staff are assisted by sales representatives and a network of factory trained service technicians and control Engineers located strategically in the proximity of our customers.

APG-Neuros has completed the factory based UL, CSA/US (Canada and the US) and CE (European) certification of its Turbo Blower product line to the latest North American and European certification standards.