APL Apparatebau GmbH is a leading heat exchanger manufacturer for customer specific solutions in the energy & environmental technology sector as well as for the chemical & petrochemical industry, oil & gas industries and refrigeration industries. Design, construction and manufacture are done in accordance to customer specifications under one roof. In terms of mechanical strength, the equipment is designed in the light of a wide variety of both national and international regulations and standards. The use of powerful computer programs such as TASC+ from Aspen Tech, HTRI and other programs that we have developed ourselves, guarantee the design data of our products. Many years of experience and an innovative business management guarantee that the high level of quality is maintained.

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Gewerbestr. 14 , Hopfgarten , A-6361 Austria

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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €


A modern company looking towards the future. As a producer of high-quality shell and tube heat exchangers, fully-welded plate heat exchangers, rectangular heat exchangers, pressure vessels and special equipment for industrial applications, today APL Apparatebau is a leading supplier of innovative solutions in the field of heat exchangers. The design, construction and manufacture are done in accordance with customer specifications under one roof.

Being able to achieve the highest quality levels and customisations to meet the requirements of our customers has ensured APL Apparatebau’s place as one of Europe‘s leading suppliers.

The focus on complex applications for heat exchangers and pressure containers combined with specific solutions in various fields form the basis of operations for APL Apparatebau. The processing of high-value materials and optimised production solutions are essential to meet the standards and requirements of individual fields of application.

Many of our customers value the service and production of our special designs, which are required for their applications in process engineering.

Our solution-focus, fulfilment of customer wishes, innovation, reliability and flexibility are the guarantee for faultless high-quality products and high satisfaction for renowned companies in the various business sectors, providing the required security both in project development and operation of the equipment.

We design and manufacture products for the following fields of application:

•   Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
•   Refinery Industries
•   Energy- and Environmental Industries
•   Refrigeration Industries

APL Apparatebau offers its customers an excellent performance range of heat exchangers and pressure vessels, customised to the wishes and requirements of its customers.

The heat exchangers are cooled or heated with liquids and/or gases, with or without using phase changes. The pressure vessels are used mainly for complex applications in mid- and high-pressure situations.

Our range includes the design and production of the following products:

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers
Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers
Rectangular Heat Exchangers
Pressure Vessels


APL Hopfgarten was founded in 1966 by Anton Pletzer under the name of 'Stahlbau Hopfgarten', in the town of the same name in the Austrian Tyrol. Beginning in the 1980s, the company's own production of heat exchangers was developed; the factory hall dedicated to this product group began operation in 1996. On the basis of applications in the refrigeration industry, APL Hopfgarten developed in the 1990s into a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers, focussing particularly on the use of special materials.

Hans Güntner GmbH Dormagen was formed in 1979 from two companies (the former Rheinkälte GmbH Düsseldorf and Wassenberg GmbH Dormagen) with many years of experience in the design and production of shell-tube heat exchangers for the refrigeration industry and for chemical concerns operating in the area. As the years went by, applications were also found in the foodstuff industry and within general plant construction. Today APL Dormagen is one of Germany's leading equipment manufacturers, specialising in the construction and implementation in production of special applications for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

With the merger of two established equipment manufacturers: Apparatebau Hopfgarten GmbH and Hans Güntner GmbH in Dormagen. Common sales and engineering activities, the benefits of an extended product range and manufacturing capacity that can be organised flexibly now mean even better service for you!


As a modern and quality-conscious company, we stand for the following positions:

  1. The highest quality in implementation and construction
  2. Innovative Solutions
  3. Optimised service for maximum client satisfaction
  4. Responsibility for our environment