Applied Felts Inc.

Applied Felts is the largest independent manufacturer of polymer coated felts liners utilized in Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining. Customized products to fit the needs of contractors worldwide for both inversion and pull-in methods.

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450 College Drive , Martinsville , VA 24112 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)


We bring you global experience and a world of choices.
Our parent company, W.E. Rawson Group, was formed in the United Kingdom in 1865, manufacturing quality textiles for a number of applications. After more than a century of experience, this knowledge was expanded to help create the CIPP process, as well as its first liners. Now, more than 30 years later, Applied Felts has become the international leader in supplying liners for successful CIPP installations around the world. In 1997 Applied Felts expanded its business to the United States by adding a manufacturing plant in Martinsville, Virginia. This move opened up a whole new world of opportunity in what has become the world's largest market for CIPP rehabilitation. Our extensive history and experience give our customers peace of mind knowing that we are in their corner, allowing them to enter the market confidently, rely on us for training and support, and get the best custom liners to fit their unique needs.


Confidence is our cornerstone.
The relationships we share with our clients boil down to one thing: Trust. We are confident that we manufacture the best liners available, but if we can’t supply products that will successfully perform with our customers’ practices to install them, no one wins. As a result, the purchase of quality Applied Felts liners is just the beginning of our customer relationships. We also serve as a complete solution provider, standing behind and supporting our customers every step of the way through our experience and industry affiliations. Each relining job is different, and almost always provides challenges and unique situations that require experience to get the job done right. So we are readily available to answer questions and make sure that installations are successful each and every time. Our clientele includes small contractors, large contractors, municipalities, and everyone in between, and they all know that we will be with them at every turn. Why? Because every job, large or small, is another chance to cultivate customer relationships, build the trust that will help us all succeed, and continue to grow the trenchless industry together.


Quality engineering, proven over time.
Applied Felts is a pioneer in the CIPP process and has played a pivotal role in perfecting felt liners from the very beginning. So rest assured when you purchase liners from Applied Felts, you are getting a solution that stands the test of time.

Applied Felts is a 100% vertically integrated liner manufacturer, which guarantees that every phase of manufacturing - from the purchase of raw fiber to the coating and development of our liners - is done in one location, giving us impeccable precision and control over the quality products we make. Our innovative liners are subjected to a rigorous 28-stage testing system during every phase of the manufacturing process:

  • We begin with the basics. First, we inspect and test raw materials, such as polyester fibers, polyurethane granules and other materials - as well as their suppliers -to ensure a superior quality basis for your felt liners.
  • Next, during the five-stage felt production process, we test a number of criteria including density, thickness, fiber distribution evenness, strength and weld-ability of the finished felt.
  • Next comes the coating of the felt. Applied Felts, Inc. utilizes a 'single pass' extruded process to ensure that no pinholes are present. During this phase, four separate tests are conducted to monitor coating uniformity, mass and weight distribution.
  • Once the felt has been coated, each roll is sampled and destructively tested across a total of nine quality characteristics, including density at various pressures, tensile strength, coating distribution and more. During production, the testing doesn't end. The liners are continually checked to ensure they satisfy the specifications of your order.
  • Finally, when the project is complete, a sample is cut from each finished liner and is tested across yet another seven criteria to make sure the circumference, density, length, coating integrity, weld strengths and other properties meet and exceed your exacting requirements.