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  • Sanitation

  • AAWS - Dutch Septic Tank (DST)

    AAWS - Dutch Septic Tank (DST)

    Developed and designed by AAWS, the Dutch Sceptic Tank (DST) is a new product aimed to lower the cost of the construction of a simple latrine significantly for people living in rural areas and far off island regions. In many cases the major hurdle in obtaining good sanitation are the cost of the materials, the labor and the transportation needed.

  • AAWS - Dutch Latrine Bag

    AAWS - Dutch Latrine Bag

    The problem: Over the last decennia millions of latrines have been built to improve the sanitation of people in Third World countries. The human waste is captured in special dug pits. The liquid parts of this human waste seeps in the ground floor. Unfortunately these liquids contain large amounts of nitrates and are superfluously polluted with harmful bacteria capable of polluting the groundwater table significantly. This phenomenon results for...

  • Water

  • AAWS - Model RainCAP - Rain Collection ad Purification System

    AAWS - Model RainCAP - Rain Collection ad Purification System

    Usage: The Rain Collection And Purification system (RainCAP) is a foil sheet tank that is made of a very sturdy and durable plastic sheet. The foil tank is placed in the ground and used to collect/capture up to 50 m3 of rainwater. From there the water is pumped up, purified when needed and distributed as drinking water to the consumers. The RainCap system is easy to transport, install and maintain. It can be installed in combination with the UV...

  • AAWS - Model WaterBox - Fresh Water Purification System

    AAWS - Model WaterBox - Fresh Water Purification System

    Usage; In tropical countries people mostly drink polluted sweet water from lakes, rivers and ground wells. This water often has a bad taste, is contaminated with fine silt and is loaded with harmful bacteria and viruses. It is clear that this type of water seriously impacts the health of especially children, elderly and pregnant woman.

  • AAWS - Saline Water Purification System

    AAWS - Saline Water Purification System

    Usage; Saline water can be purified using the Smart- R(everse) Osmosis system that we are presently developing. The system will be capable of purifying large volumes of brackish/saline water directly into fresh clean drinking water. It is unique because it combines Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique, solar power and a smart system controller  resulting in a 40-60% higher recovery rate.