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- Saline Water Purification System



Usage; Saline water can be purified using the Smart- R(everse) Osmosis system that we are presently developing. The system will be capable of purifying large volumes of brackish/saline water directly into fresh clean drinking water. It is unique because it combines Reverse Osmosis (RO) technique, solar power and a smart system controller  resulting in a 40-60% higher recovery rate.

The system will be using no batteries, lowering the long term maintenance costs for our clients substantially. Our Smart-RO is best applied in (sub)tropical environments and sunny regions having limited or irregular  power supply.

If brackish/saline water is available and if energy grids are unreliable or not existent our Smart RO will do the job. The Smart RO beats the competition in terms of recovery rate (85% versus 70%), energy usage (no batteries needed) and environmental friendliness. The Smart RO is standard on a rigid skit that can be easily installed and operated.

Target Groups

On island ridges, along coastal areas, in sunny climates and when electrical grids are non-existent or unreliable. It is best used to facilitate:

  • Remote places, island ridges and far off locations;
  • Hotel and Eco-lodges;
  • Small to medium communities, hospitals and schools;
  • Water shops;
  • Emergency & aid situations.


The production of fresh water ranges from 1 m³ to 3 m³ per hour. Upon request larger Smart-RO’s can be designed.


Using state of the art membrane technology  removes not only salt but also microbiological impurities. Using state of the art pumping technology and a unique system controller which reduces the energy consumption with up to 30%. The energy is provided using solar panels. The applied techniques are tested and proven.

Benefits of Smart-RO:

  • Durable and environmental friendly purification of saline water;
  • Fully independent of electrical grid;
  • Zero energy costs due to usage of solar panels;
  • Up to 3 m³ of fresh clean drinking water per hour;
  • State of the art technology, robust and secure.

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