Aqua-Life Ltd. Partnership specializes in the production of unique equipment for desalination of seawater and brackish water. The main objectives of Aqua-Life aim to improve the performance in three key area: Environment. The quality of drinking water and the management of water resources of the planet, pollution prevention, raising awareness about climate change and sustainable use of natural resources. Market relations. Work with suppliers and customers, ensuring appropriate standards of health and safety of the environment, ethics and human rights. Workplace. Responsibility as an employer, the desire for a healthy and safe uslaviyah labor, ethics, diversity of workforce and employee engagement.

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Poznanska Street 4 , Kepno , 63-600 Poland
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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AQUA-LIFE Ltd Partnership

Young, but strong and promising company AQUA-LIFE Ltd Partnership is a manufacturer of advanced equipment for the desalination of sea and brackish water. From the beginning, we direct our activities in the field of international market, and have already established cooperation with more than twenty companies around the world. The interest in our desalination plants are showing companies from Japan, America Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. Unique  advantages of our desalination equipment are very low energy consumption due to patented, integrated HP pump with energy recovery, extreme compactness, simplicity in assembling and  maintenance, no existence of any external high pressure tubes, Our RO plants can be used in private sectors such as hotel complexes, factories and agriculture.

Aquamodule, LLC

The company “Aquamodule” which is in an equal partnership with AQUA-LIFE Ltd Partnership is the developer of desalination equipment of DB8SW and DB8ВW series. The company has a highly qualified staff consisting of designers, engineers and scientists able to professionally solve challenging technical tasks on developing space-effective, self-contained desalination equipment which is easy to operate and maintain. There is also a Research & Development department in the company which is in charge of increasing corrosion resistance, reducing the weight and production cost of the components operating in aggressive medium.  All the parts and components of our equipment are manufactured on high-precision machines.

About the Project

AQUA-LIFE Ltd Partnership, Aquamodule LLC and Haygrove Ltd are dynamic international group of companies specializing in the production of unique, having no analogues equipment for desalination of sea and brackish water. When making our equipment, we have chosen the non-standard approach, which based on special structure and design itself as well as in the technology of materials. The world’s first compact, but high capacity  plant for desalination of sea water was developed by top Russian engineers. The uniqueness of our project is that any capacity of the desalination  plant  is obtained by joining the required number of RO modules.

The main principle of our work – the maximum satisfaction of customer requirements. Our actions are aimed at providing each customer confidence that products and services will meet their expectations. We understand the different requirements of our customers and are committed to develop and produce products capable of satisfying all the needs of our customers. Our products – this is the material embodiment of the work culture and professionalism of our staff. We are actively involved in working with our customers, finding out and taking into account their needs and requirements to create products and services, creating thus a high value of our products to the consumer. This principle is at the heart of the innovation process.

New technologies of thermal diffusion galvanizing.

Given the urgency of the problem of corrosion resistance, reduced weight and lower cost products for operation in harsh environments, such as seawater, the first time we have developed a unique technology of the thermal diffusion galvanizing production of aluminum alloys using multi-component powder mixture “TermoTsin-A” (introduced in the register of MSDS chemical products of international standard) with optimally balanced chemical composition and the percentage of inert fillers, activators and sequestering.Designed by thermal diffusion galvanizing process is environmentally friendly, it does not use harmful substances, corrosive acids and alkalis

Thermal diffusion coatings formed on the products of aluminum alloys using the developed technology, have a number of significant advantages over paint, oxidised and anodised coatings:

  • the lack of porosity
  • possibility of forming a surface protective layers of different thicknesses with the actual operating conditions specific details
  • high strength, adhesion, cohesion and corrosion properties