Aqua Logic Incorporated

Aqua Logic Incorporated

At Aqua Logic we provide precision design and fabrication of high-performance aquatic systems and components. We are one of the industry`s preeminent leaders in aquatic design, manufacturing and integration because of our ethics, experience and attention to the finest details. Aqua Logic products are built in-house, using only the purest titanium and other non-corrosive, American-made materials so your aquatic system can function at the highest level.

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9558 Camino Ruiz , San Diego , CA 92126 USA
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Our Mission
Aqua Logic is committed to providing uncompromising, precision-perfect design and fabrication of high-performance aquatic systems and components.

We realize that, in selecting a manufacturing partner, you’re seeking integrity, not just in materials, but in morals, and reliability not just for service but for consistency. We also know that the unique characteristics of your application require equally unique attention to the finest details.

Therefore, it’s our mission to provide the absolute finest systems, equipment, and service to help you create better environments for life. Your success is the benchmark of our own, which is why we make your vision and your goals our singular priority.

Here is how we build better environments for life:

  • Reliable, performance driven products
  • State-of-the art research and development
  • Innovative solutions and designs
  • 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Premium aquatic systems of all sizes
  • Renowned customer service and collaboration
  • Stringent manufacturing processes
  • Consistent reliability
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Aqua Logic Inc. was founded in San Diego, California in 1989 to meet the local demand for quality equipment for seafood holding tanks in retail stores, restaurants, and commercial facilities. The challenges present at the time were, achieving adequate filtration, and maintaining cold water temperatures for lobster and fish, so Aqua Logic set out to resolve both of those issues. Aqua Logic focused its efforts on developing the highest quality, corrosion resistant, and easily maintained equipment for this industry and at the heart of it, our titanium water chillers, compatible for use in seawater and designed for maximum BTU transfer efficiency. This was the start of our titanium story…titanium strong to last long.

Small Company. Boundless Capabilities.
Since our humble beginnings with only 1,700 square feet of manufacturing space Aqua Logic has grown alongside many of the burgeoning aquatic industries that drive us to excel. Over the years we have vastly expanded our capabilities in both manufacturing and design, and have become a respected and recognized name among public aquariums and zoos, research labs, aquaculture and hydroponics facilities, seafood and pet retailers, resorts, and athletic facilities worldwide. In fact, we’re proud to say that you would be hard pressed to walk into an aquatic facility today and not see at least one of our chillers or heat exchangers, big or small. In February, 2015 the Aqua Logic family, now 25 strong, moved to our new 30,000 sq. ft. building on 4 acres, so we’ve got plenty of room to continue growing!

Newer, Bigger Manufacturing Facility. Same old small-detail precision.
Aqua Logic has set the standard in Aquatic design, manufacturing, and integration, with 26 years as a trusted brand and the combined expertise of an amazing team. Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes are the foundation in our state-of-the-art-facility, where all our products and systems are carefully designed and built by our highly skilled production specialists. All Aqua Logic products are, and always will be, proudly built here in the USA.