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The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams is a bi-monthly publication, read in 180 countries, dealing with all technical, environmental, social and economic aspects of hydro plants and multipurpose water resources development projects. It combines business news with state-of-the-art technology. Each issue has a regional focus, and special technical themes of interest to engineers in all the related disciplines.

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The AMI Hydropower Foundation was created in 2007 as a means to promote the scientific, technical and socio-economic aspects of hydropower, and the responsible use of water resources for the public benefit, particularly, but not exclusively, by the encouragement of education, training, study and research in the field of hydropower and water resources management.

The principal function in this respect is to facilitate delegates (water and energy professionals) from the less developed countries to attend the annual international hydropower conferences organized by Aqua-Media, which are acknowledged as the most international gatherings of hydropower experts. The Foundation thus primarily takes the form of a grant-giver.

The Foundation recognizes that major hydropower potential exists in the less developed countries, which have the greatest need for water and energy schemes. Many large-scale construction programmes are moving ahead throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is essential that representatives of these countries are able to join the international hydropower community, to keep up to date with the state of the art in technology, dam and powerplant safety, planning tools, financing models, and environmental/social aspects.

The conferences bring together the world’s leading experts on technical, economic, financial, environmental and social aspects of hydropower development.

By providing delegates, who would not ordinarily have access to such conferences, with the means to attend it, it is envisaged that the following additional public benefits will arise:
Wide dissemination of technical, environmental and financial information in the home countries of participant.
Improvement and increase in the provision of reliable, low-cost, clean renewable energy.
Increased water and energy security in less developed countries, with related benefits for health and food supply
Reduction in the destructive exploitation of natural resources
Increased awareness of best practice in planning, designing, constructing and operating water resources scheme and renewable energy projects
Encouragement of best practice in social aspects, to benefit local stakeholders
Increased awareness of possible indirect socio-economic benefits of multipurpose schemes
Increased competence on communications with local people, to involve them in planning and avoid conflict

The bi-monthly International Journal on Hydropower & Dams publishes, for its readers in more than 180 countries, research papers, descriptive case studies, project updates, business and financial news, and policy papers aiming to help advance the state-of-the-art of dam engineering and hydropower development. An Editorial Board comprising the world's most eminent experts in various fields helps to steer the policy and content of the Journal, and the editorial team travels extensively worldwide, to identify the most important issues for editorial coverage.

Each issue has a regional focus, presenting examples of policy as well as current and planned schemes in the various regions of the world with major activities underway. These are often planned to coincide with international events taking place in the region. Technical themes cover a broad range of disciplines, combining state-of-the-art research and technology, practical papers on civil, mechanical and electrical engineering topics, as well as policy papers. Emphasis is on best practice, in terms of safety, economy, and responsible planning with regard to environmental and social aspects.

A calendar of events keeps readers up to date with forthcoming conferences, exhibitions and training courses worldwide on water and energy, and all related topics.

The news section includes items announcing new schemes, financial agreements, bid information and contract awards, milestones achieved at on-going projects, inaugurations of completed schemes, and company news.

Technical Development items bring readers up to date with the latest achievements in R&D and give details of new product launches - covering a broad range of subject areas, from construction equipment to control systems, and from compact instrumentation systems to large turbines and generators.

The Project Focus section gives an opportunity to review progress on site at hydro and dam schemes of international interest. Topics could range from upgrading turbines in the USA, to tunnelling in the challenging conditions of the Himalayas.