Aqua Metals, Inc.

Aqua Metals, Inc.

Aqua Metals is reinventing lead recycling with its proprietary technology, known as AquaRefining. The room temperature, water-based process is fundamentally non-polluting, eliminating the toxic emissions created by lead smelting. The modular design of AquaRefining technology enables flexible and economic expansion of lead recycling to meet growing demand for the material in battery applications around the world. For the lead acid battery industry, which is facing a legacy of toxic recycling coupled with a mounting demand for batteries, Aqua Metals is an applied science company that is reinventing lead recycling. We are on the cusp of a Battery Age, and lead acid technologies are at the heart of this sector. With its modern approach to lead recycling, Aqua Metals can replace the inefficient, highly toxic process of smelting and help this $22B industry thrive. With Aqua Metals, lead will be the most environmentally friendly battery chemistry available.

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1010 Atlantic Avenue , Alameda , California 94501 USA
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)

The Challenge: How to meet the rising demand for lead within strict environmental parameters

  • Lead acid battery market expected to grow from $46.6 B in 2015 to $85.5 B in 2025
  • Lead batteries are the only 100% recyclable batteries available.
  • 80% of the lead used to manufacture new batteries is recycled.
  • Recycling is critical to keep pace with growing energy storage needs.

In recent years, tightening emissions regulations have forced many U.S. smelters to close. This has driven battery manufacturers and distributors to increasingly rely upon unregulated smelting operations in developing nations, negatively impacting the environment and human health.

Finding a cleaner and more cost-efficient lead recovery and recycling method is critical to the lead recycling community.