Aqua test is an operation and maintenance company established by Bill Stuth Sr. to professionally operate and maintain both commercial and residential septic systems. Aqua Test is nationally recognized as a leader in analyzing failing and or challenging systems.

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PO Box 1116 , Black Diamond , Washington 98010 USA
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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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While the professional staff at Aqua Test, Inc. encompasses a wide range of environmental experience, all of the members posses experience in evaluating and designing both commercial and residential onsite wastewater systems. Additionally our staff consults with both the EPA and USAID with regards to both onsite wastewater treatment and other treatment technologies. In fact our staff currently lectures and trains engineers and consultants throughout the nation on proper design and troubleshooting of onsite wastewater systems.

In addition to our professional design experience Aqua Test Inc. has been troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintaining both commercial and residential on-site systems since 1986 and is recognized as setting the standard not only in Washington State but also across the nation. Often consultants from other states contract with Aqua Test, Inc. for our professional expertise. Aqua Test, Inc. has the first DOE accredited laboratory in the nation dedicated specifically to onsite wastewater testing. This enables our professional staff to directly interact with our laboratory scientists when evaluating systems. The experience of our scientists allows them to evaluate the samples beyond the routine analyses in order to understand why systems may or may not be failing.

Aqua Test recently completed a study for the Seattle-King County Health Department to evaluate and report on 125 on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems serving beach front dwellings. The study involved meeting with owners or tenants to explain the project and get permission to study their site, performing dye tests, examining and recording soil resources, examining individual dwellings, looking for alternative disposal field locations for problem sites, and completing a written report documenting the findings and recommendations. Aqua Test also completed a study for King County on the operation of sand filters and mounds. Additional projects include a two-year study using crushed glass media, as an alternative to sand, in sand filters. This program was funded by a grant from the Clean Washington Center and was recognized nationally as a model program.