Aquaculture Equipment Ltd

Aquaculture Equipment Ltd

Aquaculture Equipment Limited was formed and managed by Ron Snedden, who worked in the aquaculture industry for over 25 years. As the company name implies, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of equipment for fish farming, fisheries, fish keeping and all types of aquaculture. Although the company originally specialised in the production of fish feeding equipment, (of which it is still one of the UK`s largest producers), it has diversified and manufactures and markets a wide range of equipment which includes some of the industry’s best water treatment equipment. In the past year we have supplied hundreds of aerators to fisheries, angling clubs, EA fisheries teams and fish farms across the UK and France.

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36, Foxdenton Lane , Middleton , M24 1QG United Kingdom
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Aquaculture Equipment Ltd - for water aeration, oxygenation, lake aerators & pumps. Specialist aeration equipment for fish farms, fishing ponds & lakes.

Ron unfortunately passed away in 2007, however the company continues to grow and is managed by Mark Stockton and his family. Mark is qualified in fisheries management and has also been known to get the rods out when he gets the chance...

The new DO501 dissolved oxygen meter has the optional facility to operate as a static DO monitor at the side of the lake or tank, relaying DO readings wirelessly to a PC up to 4km away.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks - More recently, we have been providing ice prevention solutions to Chester Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo. Ice prevention on water bodies in zoos is particularly important, as it alows the animals outside access to their normal surroundings, without the associated risks involved of the animals venturing on to the ice. Also in summer there are the obvious benefits of better aeration, helping reduce problematic algae and improving water quality in general.

We also offer a new range of small boats, the Aqua Neptune series and the Aqua Sturdy series. Six new boats are available in all, ranging from 2.1m up to 4.05m. All the boats are rotationally moulded in HDPE, and like our new 2.8m diameter fish rearing tanks, have no weak seams or joints. All boats come complete with built in wheels, oars, rowlocks and seat(s).

The company holds agencies for a number of overseas equipment manufacturers and we are the sole UK Distributor for Acqua & Co and Innovaqua, Italy. Acqua & Co manufacture a very successful and competitive range of submerged motor aerators, circulators and de-stratifiers to improve oxygenation, aeration and water quality in general. Acqua & Co also produce depuration equipment (SKIM), for the cleansing of shellfish. With our select partners and suppliers, we can offer help in almost any area of fisheries or aquaculture management, from setting up a hatchery, installing a large depuration plant or the complete stocking and planting of a newly created lake.

Recent Projects

Below are a few examples of some projects we have undertaken recently, which highlight the diverse range of services we offer, and not always involving fish! Ice Prevention, Whipsnade Zoo - This project involved installing an aeration system to prevent ice forming in a wildfowl lake. Keeping the water ice free meant that the wildfowl always had some open water to access throughout the coldest spell. Please visit our new site specialising in ice prevention and water aeration for animal enclosures

Ice Prevention, Chester Zoo - A similar project to the above, an aeration system was installed to prevent two moats from freezing up, allowing the bears more outdoor time without the problem of them accessing the ice.

Bespoke Fish Rearing TanksFalkland Islands  - This project involved the fabrication of a number of large 4m long tanks out of polypropylene sheet. 2m self supporting circular tanks were also fabricated which had a tapered base. All tanks were made to the customers specifications and part of the project included the manufacture and supply of a large number of our SOLO3 hatchery feeders, together with our AC2002 twin channel feeder control units.

When looking at aeration equipment, please be aware that some people may offer you not so cheap counterfeit machines. These machines will not be legally CE marked and could be potentially dangerous. Trading Standards are aware of the problem and will take action where necessary. We supply equipment to a small select team of aquaculture and fisheries professionals, both here in the UK and France -