Aquajet Systems AB

Since our establishment in 1988 we have been committed to one single cause – to manufacture the best Hydrodemolition equipment on the market. We accomplish this every day through our dedication to in house design and continuous development. These factors make our products and solutions more efficient, productive, robust and environmentally friendly. We are proud of what we do – from the very first sketch of new a feature or product to managing the delivery chain and the after sales market. Aquajet Systems, along with our partners and distributors all over the world, is growing with the rapidly expanding Hydrodemolition market. With our strategic competence we can maintain our position as the market-leading provider in the global industry.

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Brunnsvägen 15 , HOLSBYBRUNN , SE-570 15 Sweden

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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A motto pure as water

We make things simple at our headquarter in Holsbybrunn, Sweden. Our motto is to maintain our design and manufacturing capabilities in every way we can. We will sustain and expand geographically, improve the technology while providing premium quality to all our customers. Your product shall always be delivered on time, but above all, it shall make your day easier and more efficient.

The history We make our own luck

Aquajet Systems was formed out of Hydrodemoltion contracting company in 1988, with several years of field experience in the industry. Since then, the company has been privately owned and managed by the founders. Some of our senior staff has been with us since the day we started. Our home is the small Swedish town of Holsbybrunn and we are proud to put the label “Made in Sweden” on our products.

The right focus in the right direction

Our growth has been extensive over the years and we never lost focus on R&D. Our goal has always been to stand in the industry frontline and offer the latest inventions. Several of our key solutions have turned into patents over the years, which in turn have given added value to our customers.