Aquanomix is an environmental technology company that delivers water optimization and energy saving platforms for HVAC related piping systems. Aquanomix has pioneered the emerging water reuse market in the United States HVAC marketplace. The company delivers the building’s previously disparate water quality and heat exchanger efficiency data into a single portal, into the rightful hands of the owners and operators, empowering swift and intelligent decision-making. Aquanomix is committed to smarter water and energy use today as a solution for a greener tomorrow.

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710 Northeast Drive, Suite 10, PO Box 194 , Davidson , NC 28036 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)


Aquanomix is going places. That’s evident. We’ve tapped the commercial and industrial water reuse industry and have journeyed straight into software innovation.

We are proud to introduce Symphony™, an intelligent water quality and energy efficiency software system.

The value in a technology that marries energy and water quality data is powerful. It reveals transparency of operating costs and water quality management at such a granular level. The data supports swift and intelligent decision-making processes, which can save money and improve outcomes in performance.

Symphony™ features a single indicator, called the Nexus Number, that represents the overall efficiency of a cooling system, at any time, from anywhere. Seriously. What’s your Nexus Number?

The world has a diminishing supply of water. Symphony™ aims to help any corporation achieve their sustainability goals by enhancing both water quality and energy use in a cooling system – leading to lower costs for both. Our software can help deliver points towards USGBC LEED® certification.

You continuously monitor your entire building with real-time data. You monitor everything except your cooling system water. Why take the risk? Symphony™ continuously commissions your system and provides real-time data of one of the most variable parts of your cooling system: water quality. We know water, so you don’t have to. Let us help you mitigate critical asset failure and debilitating operational downtime.

We are a rapidly growing technology company in Charlotte, NC bent on breaking some rules and redefining an industry. We’re making the world a little more honest, a lot more efficient, and a lot less wasteful. We’re hiring trailblazers, warriors and pioneers. In the immortal words of Lee Iacocca, “we hire people brighter than us and get out of their way.” At least, we think he said that. But we sure believe it.