Aquasolution Technologies inc.

Aquasolution Technologies inc.

Aquasolution Technologies inc.

Founded in 1985, the firm is specialized in the manufacturing of custom-made potable water systems. Highly dedicated to this specific field the Firm designs its own criteria’s. A team of engineers and specialists assure a constant inflow of technology. A close collaboration with Universities and research organisations maintain a constant monitoring on science evolution. The Environment Minister of Québec sanctions the corporate owned water microbiology laboratory and it is also ISO certified. The Company has been strictly following for many years the total quality concept.

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154, De la Visitation Street , St-Charles-Borromée , Quebec J6E 4N3 Canada
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

The firm strongly believe in hiring young qualified people to sustain its technology. They offer new ideas, formation and energy and it is a way to remember that we use to be young and that we got our chance.

The precise mandate that was given to the R & D team was to design an integrated line of systems with the following characteristics:

  1. High reliability for a wide bacteriological control
  2. Strong mechanical design and redundant systems
  3. Energy miser approach
  4. Simple operation even for unskilled peoples
  5. Stability even in difficult climates conditions
  6. No needs for specialized tools
  7. Total corrosion control even in tropical climates
  8. Easily transported, reduced weight and reduced dimensions.

  • No matter where you live, no matter in wich country you live , it is vital to have access to safe drinking water. Bad water quality influence the health of rural populations worldwide since most endemic sickness are waterborne.
  • Aquasolution systems are innovating since they incorporate reliable technologies in an integrated unit. Fully designed to be installed in remote areas.
  • They offer to isolated rural populations modern equipment adapted to their technical understanding. We dispense the proper training so they can take their matters in their own hands.
  • The effect on the collective health is immediate. Being isolated also means that you are far from healthcare. We use 21st century solutions for a safe supply of drinking water.
  • We help to improve the woman condition by reducing the infant sickness. A safe supply of potable water is a major priority and should be preserved, that is why we promote rational usage.
  • We fabricate systems that can operate on solar cells. We then bring safe water and improved health but also a clean renewable energy source within far isolated villages.

AQUASOLUTION is totally engaged in producing high technology integrated water treatment systems. These units are modular and simple to operate. They do not require a technical formation.

To do so the firm commit itself to:

  • Build on a custom basis top quality equipments with high lifetime service. Use only corrosion resistant or treated materials
  • Maintain within the systems wide safety margins.
  • Integrate redundant components to assure a continuous service.
  • Assist the operator with an adapted level of technical support and to provide him with all the necessary informations
  • To promote the education of rural population for good hygiene practices, rational use of the water and health measures.
  • To sustain at a local level, organisations who share our goals and ideology on water quality.
  • To maintain for the owner and operator on the WEB site a secured access to his file using his own language.
  • To sustain at the school level, the teachers who dispense water related education with pedagogic material.
  • To maintain on the corporate WEB site educational links on water quality and usage