Aquatel (NZ) Ltd.

Aquatel (NZ) Ltd.

​Aquatel was founded in early 2006 with the vision to develop leading ultrasonic tank fluid level monitoring solutions. Our advanced patented sensor cone technology overcomes all issues around mixing humidity with ultrasonics. Over the past 11 years Aquatel has built a strong global reputation for having robust innovative products. ​The Aquatel product line is used by residential and trade professionals around the world including government departments like the Australian Corrections and US Military. Aquatel manufactures a range of Wireless tank/cistern fluid level monitors and remote pump/valve control systems, exporting to Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern markets. Aquatel`s products are used across many industries, whether it`s Agricultural, Industrial Automation, Oil & Gas or iOT Smart-city applications, Aquatel will likely have a solution to add value to your project.

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​1206 Two Chain Road ​RD5, Rangiora , Christchurch , 7475 New Zealand
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Environmental Monitoring
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our Vision:

To be a solution focused business partner across the fluids market and beyond into the world of future technology...

Aquatel and our journey to market
  • Aquatel started with the production of a simple wireless level indicator the S106.  The S106 Tank Unit was mounted on the top of the tank and using ultrasonic sound, it measured the fluid level.  This reading was then sent wirelessly over hundreds of feet to a Bench Unit, which displayed the liquid level. 
  • In 2007 Aquatel introduced the S207E to replace the S106 and also released the M107, which had the added ability to switch on and off pumps or solenoid valves. Both these new models utilized Aquatel’s patented parabolic swivel cone technology, offering better level accuracy and improved radio range to 300m (1000’) standard line of sight.     
  • The M107 system allows the user to set high and low fluid level limits and alarms in a remote tank. The system ensures that these are maintained and notifies the user if there is a problem during either a filling or draining cycle.  This control system removes the need for manual intervention. 
  • Traditionally communication between the tank and pump is through a wire, often requiring a lot of trenching and long cable runs.  The Aquatel M107 wireless controller can be installed quickly without involving any site works.
  • In late 2010 Aquatel released the D110, a multi-tank capable monitoring system that can remotely monitor up to 6 tanks and a new look M107 (M107-BT). Both these new models use improved FH (frequency hopping) Radio Technologies, easy to read blue backlit LCD display and a pile of new features to widen the applications in which they are used, radio range now up to 10km (6miles) line of sight ( when used with our booster antenna part. AQ920-7).
  • In 2011 Aquatel added a serial port to the D110 Display unit allowing the system to communicate with leading Home Automation modules (Axium, Bitwise, Geni, Push, Control4 and Crestron).
  • 2017 - Aquatel is working with some of the very best global developer networks, we plan to change how the world managers our precious resources. 
  • Aquatel currently sells into New Zealand, Australia and the USA. 
Why consider a partnership with Aquatel
“Aquatel” the brand is seeing a very positive growth curve globally. Aquatel is on track to become one of the best global brands within the fluid management market. Aquatel's unique non-contact to the fluid technologies, offer many advantages over existing products. Our systems have been proven robust in the market, having sold several thousand into environmentally diverse climates around the world. 

Patents & Approvals
Aquatel has granted Patents in many of our key markets, including Australia, NZ, USA, Germany, France, UK & India.  The patent covers the use of an angle mount sensor and the use of a parabolic reflective cone allowing for 100% robust fluid level readings within fluid storage tanks/cisterns.

Aquatel’s wireless level monitors are approved and meet many standards, CE European, FCC (USA) and AS/NZ UL Standard’s for use world-wide and also has C-Tick approval.

Aquatel develops user friendly, powerful and affordable fluid management solutions for agricultural, iOT and smart-city.

Aquatel is a leading industry supplier of wireless, non-contact fluid level monitors and remote pump control technologies.

Aquatel has a full suite of fluid management solutions across a wide scope of industries, whether in Farming (Agritech), Industrial Automation, Residential Automation, Smart City (flood protection), Lifestyle, Groundwater (Well Monitoring), iOT, we will likely have or be able to develop a solution to meet your requirements.