AquaTeq Sweden AB

AquaTeq Sweden AB

AquaTeq develop, manufacture and market dewatering units, jetting units, combination units, dry suction units, vacuum excavation units, nozzles, root cutters and impact cutters for cost effective maintenance. AquaTeq Sweden AB has developed a patented system, EcoVee, for dewatering of sludge from septic tanks. The water is returned to the tank, together with microorganisms, in order to improve the natural purification process. The transported volume is reduced by 95 per cent. The sludge has a dryness of 25-30 per cent, ready to be composted or used for energy production.

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Radarvägen 12 , KALMAR , SE-392 41 Sweden
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Sewer Cleaning
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Internationally (various countries)

In 1970 a law was passed required the annual emptying of household septic tanks. At that time hardly anyone had seen a vacuum tanker and the municipalities asked AquaTeq to help. We purchased several vacuum tankers and began to empty household septic tanks.

The vehicles of that time had major deficiencies in terms of their functionality and work environment. We rebuilt existing equipment but also designed and built new equipment to make our own work easier. The result was equipment which is now used around the world for water jetting and suction.

It has been many years since we ourselves emptied septic tanks, but our long experience still forms the foundation of our operations today. We learned to work together with our customers in order to solve their problems.

We also learned to work together with nature. That might seem to be obvious for a company which operates in the environmental sector. But even there many companies use chemicals and other measures to control nature. To AquaTeq, functioning well involves working with nature and making use of its mechanisms.