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Aquavent Ltd

Aquavent Ltd

Leading Air and water hygiene specialists. Aquavent Limited supplies water treatment & water hygiene services to the industrial, commercial and institutional market sectors. These services encompass: - legionella risk assessment; water treatment; hot &cold water monitoring and inspection; cleaning & disinfection; off-site analysis (microbiological); and plant & equipment. Aquavent is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance management system.

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Unit 6a Frimhurst Farm Ind Centre, Deepcut Bridge Road Deepcut , Surrey , GU16 6RF United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Aquavent Limited offer a professional and technical service to undertake an inclusive range of tasks associated with the specialist air and water treatment industry. We intend to identify and deliver the most cost effective air and water hygiene management solutions that will meet our clients requirements without compromising quality.

With engineers based regionally and conveniently close to the North, Middle and South of the United Kindom, we can deliver extensive National coverage of Legionella control and chemical water treatment for all types of water system.

Aquavent Limited prides itself on development of first class technical support and close working relationships with clients. Business is secured through traditional forms of contracts, negotiation and partner initiatives.

As a specialist contractor the company undertake sub contract work and partnering projects for main contractors and building management companies. We also offer work direct with a number of Private and NHS Hospital trusts. The company port folio of projects and clients is available on request.

Aquavent Limited complies and meets with current legislation and the Health and Safety approved code of practices applicable to air and water hygiene. We have full membership and accreditations of trade organisations that monitor the air and water industry available on request.

Closed systems are prone to various problems if a correctly designed water treatment program is not correctly implememented. A correctly designed water treatment program should be designed to minimise the risks associated with the following:

Closed systems provide an ideal environment for the growth of certain micro-organisms. The bacteria causing severe problems is pseudomonas. Once established it can prove difficult to eradicate. Severe blockages and system corrosion can result when the bacteria counts rise. A well designed water treatment program can prevent the bacteria from colonising in the first place.

Severe scaling can occur as a result of excessive makeup in hard water areas due to leaks. For older systems where leaks cannot be eradicated the scale can be controlled by the use of pre-treatment such as base exchange water softners.

Fouling is a general term for any solid matter contaminating the system. This is usually scale or corrosion products that can be left over from inadequete pre commission cleaning. Fouling should be reduced to prevent blockages, further corrosion or failure of system components.

The entire system will be prone to corrosion and can be controlled by the correct usage of inhibiters. The selection of inhibitor will depend on the various system conditions, including metallurgy and make up water quality.

Quartlerly analysis by a water treatment specialist will mean that your system will be well monitored and any failure of the water treatment program will be observed in good time. Particularly sensitive sites or where a failure has occurred in the past may require monthly analysis.