AR Filtrazioni SRL

AR Filtrazioni SRL

The company manufacturers purifying units for recondensing and purifying oily mists, fumes and dust of every kind of atmospheric pollutant generated by the machining processes characteristic of mechanical engineering. AR FILTRAZIONI has its head offices and plant at Bergamo (50 km from Milan) with proprietary premises of 5500 sqm under cover, twenty five employees, and a turnover which has grown on average, over the first twenty years of operations, by 10% annually, which makes it currently the 17th largest Italian manufacturer of accessories for machine tools.

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Via Dell`industria 59/61 , Bergamo , BG 24126 Italy
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)


Our workforce is constantly growing and our technical team has over thirty five years of experience in the industry to support our on-going research and developmentprogramme. The company was established in 1995 as a service company. 2000 was an important year for AR FILTRAZIONI, which set itself the specific objective: to design and manufacture a product to meet the needs of intensive production processes (3 shifts, 7 days a week) with the aim of satisfying the requirements of the market in terms of robust construction and maintenance, and stand out from the competition. 2001 saw the start of testing of the new ARNO series, a new high quality generation, completely Made in Italy; the results were outstanding and led directly to our leading position in the industry, which we hold even today.

Today we manufacture ten standard product series, with the Arno series taking pride of place as our flagship.

This series, which has been on the market for 15 years, fully satisfies the requirements of intense production: it is compact, robust, efficient, needing little maintenance which is quick and easy when necessary, is regulated by a visual filter clogging indicator, and is fully legally compliant. Equipped with a high or very high efficiency filtration stage, EN 1822 compliant (DOWNLOAD PDF AR-UNIARIA), it ensures filtration of up to 99,995% of particles > 0.15 µ (note that the mean diameter of fumes particles is always < 1 µ). Our production is rounded off, as a valid support to the entire business and customer fidelity, by the design and fabrication of special and custom products on the one hand, and a low cost series (the ECO range) on the other, when the type of pollutant and machine tool permit, without compromising quality. In particular, the variety of our products forms the basis for a mutual collaboration with the client, aimed at satisfying his expectations with on-going improvements of the product and the process. This relationship highlights the limits to a project and, for both parties, the ways to overcome them.

With more than 15000 systems installed worldwide, (LINK PDF WITH AR FILTRAZIONI APPLICATIONS) AR FILTRAZIONI can outline the distinctive characteristics of its products:enormous reliability and safety in the workplace, and a good level of quality, confirmed by our full compliance with safety regulations, the most recent being the Technical Annex 32 published in the official bulletin of the Lombardy Regional Government, n.2 10/01/12, which imposes severe restrictions on the manufacturer. (Link to annex 32 of Lombardia)

Visit the Lombardy Regional Government website: aims to provide full spectrum solutions, in the belief that customer fidelity is key; we do not aim at simply selling a product, but rather we seek out companies who believe in the competitive advantage to be gained from implementing quality in the workplace, as well as the ethical aspect of such investments. The importance given to the workplace is an index of the changes in modern business culture, for which human resources are fundamental to the development and maintenance of competitivity. Note that in particular industries, such as automotive, adopting an Environmental Management System (EMS) adds value to the company's image, as well as reducing production times and wastage. Safeguarding the health and safety of the workplace is a critical factor. Compliance with hygienic and environmental regulations is indispensable not only for maintaining competitivity but also for obtaining quality certification.

AR FILTRAZIONI has an international distribution network, with 35 points of sale throughout Europe, as well as a distributor in Canada (MTS Machine Tool Solutions LTD, Brampton Canada - We also supply major Italian and European manufacturers (INCLUDE LINK TO INTERVIEWS WITH IMT REMA HELLER), thanks to which AR FILTRAZIONI equipment is exported indirectly worldwide, installed as standard equipment on machine tools, to ensure that the precision and output of these machines remained constant over time. A manufacturer can maintain constant performance and long service life of the sensitive parts of his machine tools (electronics, controls and rails) only if the work area is kept always clean by continuously extracting oil mist and fume.

Twenty years of research into quality and innovation have enabled us to acquire leading companies as our clients - leaders in technology, safety, the environment, performance and image. AR FILTRAZIONI has been strategically concerned to interpret these collaborations are opportunities to continuously evolve our product and process, as well as our services. While keeping constant the cornerstones of our modus operandi.

  • To Render the machine tool eco-friendly and non-polluting with a definitive solution to the problem, for total customer satisfaction.
  • To Remove emissions into the atmosphere of climatised air, air polluted by fumes/oils generated during mechanical processing.
  • To Reduce the consumption of heating and cooling systems in industrial plant.
  • To Respect the eco-system which are and will remain the strong points of the company and of the product which permeate the whole website.