ARCOS LLC (ARCOS) addresses accountability, transparency, and results for crew callout in industries with staffing qualification requirements, diverse regulations, and urgent response times. Founded in 1993 as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) consulting and custom application development company, ARCOS has grown to become the premier provider of callout and resource scheduling solutions in the country.

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445 Hutchinson Avenue, Suite 700 , Columbus , Ohio 43235 USA

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Service provider
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Nationally (across the country)
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The ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite is the most widely used automated crew callout and scheduling solution with impressive statistics behind it:

  • 80 of the top 120 gas & electric utilities, as well as some of the country’s largest power generation plants as customers
  • Over 68,000 field service employees
  • Over 285,000 callout events per year
  • Over 2,200,000 callout phone calls per year

As the leading expert in crew callout and crew scheduling, ARCOS reduces operations and maintenance costs by automating complex scheduling and callout business rules and delivers a strong ROI. We also provide support for customer service callout, emergency preparedness notifications, real-time employee availability information and improved business intelligence. This comprehensive approach allows ARCOS to become your enterprise solution for all emergency communications and response.

At ARCOS LLC, we honor our customers by living our guiding principles in our values, our vision, and our mission.


At ARCOS LLC, we value our customers through our integrity, superior customer service, intellectual capital, empowerment and accountability, personal rewards, and a positive work atmosphere.


We serve the most respected companies in the world and we operate with the highest level of integrity and business ethics. Our customers demand this of us and we demand this of ourselves. We value trustworthiness, honesty and open communications. We will be fair and forthright with our clients and associates.

Customer Service:

We serve our customers the way we would like to be served. We are responsive, communicative and reliable. When our customers need us, we are there—any time, day or night. We are proactive in our customer service and reach out to clients to assist them in their use of our solutions. We make a concerted effort to anticipate and address the potential needs and issues of our customers before they arise. Our efforts are customer-centric and we strive for constant improvement in customer service and support. We value each customer's unique requirements and craft our solutions to accommodate their specific needs. We value trustworthiness, honesty and open communications. We will be fair and forthright with our clients and associates.

Intellectual Capital:

As the Knowledge Leaders in our industry, we value each associate's Intellectual Capital. Their collective knowledge, experience and expertise make us who we are. We invest in the tools and training required for continued associate career growth and company growth. We share our knowledge with our clients and other associates through collaboration and open communications. We value the input provided to us by our clients and associates since their input has made us who we are. We work closely with our associates and our clients because 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.'

Empowerment and Accountability:

We foster an environment of trust, respect and empowerment. We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and we recognize and value individual contributions and achievements. We promote clearly defined expectations and accountability from all associates. When our customers need us, we are there—any time, day or night. We value associate reliability, camaraderie and interdependence. We are accountable to our clients and to each other and are held to the high standard they demand and deserve.

Personal Rewards:

Our associates are proud of their work and this pride is reflected in their day-to-day creativity and solutions. We foster an environment where associates look forward to coming to work. We put a high value on being excellent listeners and communicators. Each associate must be a critical thinker, able to solve complex problems through research, analysis and decision-making. We implement performance management through clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as documented goals and objectives. We reward the accomplishment of individual, team and corporate goals by providing performance based bonuses and merit increases. Associates will be proud of contributing to a stable, successful, high-growth company.

Positive Work Atmosphere:

We foster a comfortable and safe work environment. We provide our associates with a world-class office space and the latest technology and tools. Through creativity and a process of seeking constant improvement, we value 'working smarter and not harder.' We strive for company profitability since it provides us with the means to reward our associates for their efforts and ensures our long-term stability and success. We value collaborative team and client relationships that produce beneficial results for all stakeholders.


Leveraging our expertise in resource management, crew callout management and reporting, we are able to deliver callout confidence that is consistent, reliable and compliant.

Resource Management + Business Intelligence = Callout Confidence

At ARCOS LLC, we are committed to:


Becoming the industry standard, setting the bar for crew callout and enhanced resource management capabilities by aggressively promoting and selling ARCOS LLC services into utilities and related markets.


Efficiently providing market-leading crew callout applications and staying ahead of competition by committing to adapting and incorporating new technologies to meet and create market demand.

Superior Service.

Providing impeccable customer service in areas of support and product development to satisfy each customer’s unique requirements.

Open Environment.

Fostering an open, rewarding and stable work environment where people are motivated to contribute and grow with the company.


We proudly provide the premier callout and employee availability solutions to progressive utilities and related markets, improving operational efficiency while automating complex business rules.