AREAL is a publisher of automation software. We are the developers of TOPKAPI, a state of the art SCADA software package. AREAL is committed to the benefits and quality of service our software offers to our clients, focused more particularly on : Investments in innovation, R&D. Product reliability. Easy implementation. Ascending compatibility, providing our users with long-term upgrading paths for their tools and ensuring sustainability. High quality technical support, offering prompt and effective responses to users. AREAL works with many controllers and RTU manufacturers to improve product interoperability, and is a member of the OPC Foundation, which aims at supporting this interoperability by creating and publicizing open standards.

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16, Avenue Jean Moulin , SAVIGNY LE TEMPLE , 77176 France

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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AREAL was created in 1989 by Sylvain STARCK and Pierre LA MARLE, both graduates from the 'Ecole Centrale de Paris', one of the top French engineering institutes, to develop and market the SCADA software TOPKAPI , and offer a wide range of services in industrial automation and software.

AREAL has an extensive background in industrial process automation, operating projects including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) in many fields: manufacturing and process industry, handling, stockpiling, drinking water and waste water, cement, food industry, etc.
This know-how with regards to PLCs has strongly influenced the development of TOPKAPI, our supervision software: many automation specialists say that TOPKAPI is particularly user-friendly and well suited to their practical needs, features which are often neglected in computer based software.

Throughout the years, TOPKAPI’s success grew, leading AREAL to dedicate most of its energy to its development, by focusing investment in R&D and innovations best suited to our long-term strategic vision. As a result of these continuous efforts, TOPKAPI is now internationally known as one of the most advanced, reliable, powerful and easy to use supervisors, flexible and particularly suited to modern interconnected networked architectures.