ARI Arıtma

ARI Arıtma

Arı Arıtma is one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey in the business of water and wastewater treatment technologies. Our company using the most advanced manufacturing and design devices has adopted the principle of developing engineering experiences with the innovative structure target. The company that completes designs and tests internally operates in Kocaeli in its plant with an indoor area above 2000 m². Our staff, which consisted of only 7 people in 2001 when the company was established, has developed and raised to 100 people to make us proud of service provision in the treatment sector.

Company details

Karadenizliler Mah. Başyiğit Cad. No:166 , Kullar-Başiskele , Kocaeli Turkey

Locations Served

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

With the advantage of being a young and dynamic company that can make fast and accurate decisions, we have succeeded to be recognized internationally in a short while by providing service to many countries.

Our target is to offer low-cost custom made systems and products manufactured by using our superior engineering skills and R&D studies that are easily mountable and operable in the sector of water and wastewater treatment technologies.

We consider occupational health and safety as an integrated part of our operations beyond statutory requirements. According to this point of view, we always say that occupational safety comes first through the training planning beginning at the entrance of the plant.

Our employees assigned for working at the site are provided with 25-hr training annually and all occupational safety equipments available for their use are at the international standards and quality.

Our top priority in all processes of the company is occupational safety and all requirements are satisfied to prevent occupational risks.

C-class occupational safety experts always check if our employees follow the safety measures across the site while near-miss events are recorded and corrective actions to prevent any nonconforming acts are started and carried through.

Our emergency teams have been trained by the relevant institutes and our cylinder equipments are available for responding to any emergency.

Our policy on environment

The company always puts human health, technical safety and environment first and accordingly, implements sustainable solutions. The company considers occupational health and safety as an integrated part of its operations beyond statutory requirements.

Our target is to ensure that all measures are taken against all risks related to environment and occupational health, all employees are continuously provided with trainings for raising their awareness of health, safety, environment and quality including being ready to respond to any emergency relating to safety and environmental protection, any damage on environment is avoided from waste supply process to the production and disposal processes, injuries or deaths are prevented, a clean work ambience and efficient use of natural sources (water, power, natural gas, oil etc) are ensured through the working according to the principle of zero pollution.

To make this principle practicable, the required energy that we need is supplied by contributions from all employees and management ranks.

Our companies always put human health, technical safety and environment first during their operations and accordingly, implement sustainable solutions.

Quality policy

Each of our companies targets to warrant quality at the highest standards that are available in all operations through sustainable methods.

Our company believes that the aim of Great Turkey can be achieved via education and thus, it is very happy and proud of its contribution to future of Turkey through the support provided by it to sister schools and education costs of tens of students.