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Since 2008 Aria is one of the main European manufacturers of small-medium wind turbines. Our wind turbines are 100 % Made in Italy, robust and simple. They have been designed and developed on the basis of a well-tested technology that has been implemented in hundreds of installations operating throughout northern Europe. Patented and certified, Libellula 55 kW and Libellula 60 kW will help to reduce your energy costs and to create income from your wind power.

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Via del Mandorlo, 30 , Prato , PO 59100 Italy

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Established in 2008, Aria srl is the result of 20 years of experience in electronic and mechanical engineering. The Company has been created and is still managed by skilled professionals fond of wind in all its declinations.

We moved our first steps in the Northern European wind power sector. We have been working closely with the designers and the technicians of popular small to medium wind turbines.  This experience shaped our idea of wind turbine: small, simple, robust, reliable.

Today we are well established in the small wind power sector, with many turbines installed and working since years.

The Libellula series is made of high quality industrial turbines, for which we select the best components exclusively from Italian or European manufacturers. Even though a medium-small power turbine, the Libellula series is conceived with the most modern and sophisticated construction concepts that are closer to large power industrial turbines than to small turbines, generally less safe and with lower performance standards.

Libellula is the ideal solution for

  • distributed wind / behind the meter / installations
  • factories and business activities looking to cut their energy costs
  • farms looking to improve their revenues and reduce energy costs
  • islands and remote locations where electricity is poor, expensive and unreliable
  • rural electrification projects

Libellula is SIMPLE to install and maintain

  • installation with a single crane
  • industrial spare parts always available
  • tower with internal ladder
  • low maintenance costs
  • possibility to access the nacelle without crane or basket even in bad weather conditions
  • transportation on 1 single truck or container

Libellula is robust and reliable

  • first quality components
  • more than 1.000.000,00 working hours
  • patented
  • EN 61400-1 certified
  • power curve measured and verified

The Libellula wind turbine series is produced in Italy with high quality components and the best engineering standards. It has been developed from a well proven Dutch technology. It is designed to achieve minimum cost per kWh of produced energy granting the same reliability of big size wind turbines.

This result is obtained using industrial standard instead of custom components for all key electrical and mechanical parts. The 2 blade upwind rotor guarantees high energy production with very low rated wind speed thanks to its large diameter and to variable speed rotation. Unique in its size-class is the tower, equipped with internal ladder, that allows simple and safe maintenance from inside the nacelle – as in big size turbines – regardless to weather conditions. Transport costs can be cut down by the fact that the complete turbine can be loaded on a single standard truck, or will fit (with 24 m tower) in a standard 40’ container.


The Libellula series obtained important awards which confirmed Aria’s efforts to produce a reliable high quality product.

EN 61400-1 certification

In 2011, ICIM SpA has awarded Libellula 55kW with EN 61400-1 certification.
During the certification process, ICIM verified the quality and thoroughness of the entire design such as the turbine’s structure, its mechanical parts and the electrical installation. At the same time it has assessed the conformity of the technical construction file and of all the required documents to market the turbine. Other tests have been carried out on site, directly examining the efficiency of the main control and protection systems even during critical functioning, such as grid voltage failure, emergency stop and excessive speed of rotor rotation.

A complex job that has required ICIM’s high level interdisciplinary knowledge which in turn reflects the complexity of Libellula’s design, a product that integrates the electric, electronic and mechanical features related to safety, functionality and resistance even in adverse weather conditions.