Ark Workplace Risk

Ark Workplace Risk

Ark Workplace Risk

Since 1989, Ark has provided health and safety and fire safety services to the commercial property sector throughout the UK. Since 2000 Ark has expanded its service offering to include the risks associated with legionella bacteria. In order to develop this service Ark has employed a number of staff with the appropriate knowledge and expertise. Occasionally we undertake training for our clients on their obligations with reference to the management of risks from legionella bacteria.

Company details

2nd Floor 15 Basinghall St , London , EC2V 5BR United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Workplace Safety
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Ark Workplace Risk is an innovative professional services company providing market leading outsourcing and service solutions in workplace risk, compliance and safety governance to major and international organisations.

As the trusted advisor our passion is to stay the clients’ first choice as well as deliver outstanding practices within:

  • Health & Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency and Disaster
  • Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness
  • Accessibility
  • Building Health in the Built Environment

Corporate Responsibility

  • We can work with your strategies
  • Offer you tailored solutions
  • Develop your organisations policies

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Drawing on our extensive UK and international experience gained over more than 25 years, in over 20 industries and amongst over 500 major and global companies, Ark helps clients to identify and solve workplace risk problems of varying complexities. This could be outsourcing an entire a health and safety function across multiple international locations or implementing a single risk assessment process.

At Ark we look at workplace risk from a different perspective. An undisputed leader in innovation, we are the trusted advisor that sets the benchmarks and creates unparalleled workplace risk solutions. We consider the entire lifecycle leveraging opportunities, mitigating risk and delivering results. We achieve this combining our unique blend of capabilities with methodologies across the following elements:

  • Professional  Advice that delivers unique value to our clients, where and when they need it, that doesn’t waste their time and provides for less decision making
  • High Accessibility with business led service level agreements and strong operational methodology
  • Analytics and Reporting that helps clients make the best decision they can
  • Applications, Project Management Capability and Real Time Infrastructure that is helpful, easy to use and efficient. It also effectively helps our clients to work smarter with an outstanding customer experience

Headquartered in the UK with offices from London to Edinburgh, we operate at a global level via an international network of strategic partners. This makes us uniquely placed to demonstrate a cross border understanding of client’s needs.

We provide our clients with a set of multidisciplinary services and our capabilities cover a broad range of competencies.

Workplace Risk Solutions
Offering a multidisciplinary capability that can deliver at a strategic, tactical and day-to-day practical level, our services and solutions include:

  • Workplace Risk
  • Health & Safety Function Outsourcing
  • Safety Governance, Consulting and Advice
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency and Disaster
  • Contractor Safety
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity and Emergency Preparedness
  • Disability and Accessibility
  • Water Hygiene
  • Environmental Management
  • Building Health in the Built Environment
  • Energy Performance Management
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC)
  • Emergency Preparedness Testing (EPT)
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety Prevention

Our Vision is to be the leading, 'go to company' for workplace risk expertise and solutions in our chosen markets. Supported by substantial brands and capability which is recognised as bringing unique value to our customers and partners and an excellent return to our stakeholders.

Our Beliefs
We aspire to provide an excellent client experience centered upon the following principles and beliefs:

It’s important to listen to our clients - We set industry standards throughout our services, solutions, and service levels in risk and sustainability management. We do this because we listen to our client’s requirements and focus on delivering services and solutions with consistency and clarity of the highest quality, on-time, accurately, and most importantly to the client’s brief.

Solutions of value need to be accessible, workable and dependable - Our unrivalled operational capabilities focus on our solutions being accessible, workable and dependable. We believe that for this to be achieved we must include the lifecycle requirements of the client’s organisation and interests. This is achieved by our unique methodology for successfully deploying our people, processes, technology and intellectual property, whilst focusing on reliability, scalability and capacity.

Competence is more important than qualifications - Our professional practice not only has in-depth integrated capability to deliver specialist expertise across risk and sustainability including Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Building Health in the Built Environment, Accessibility, Energy and Environment, Continuity and Security, but also the consulting capability to understand and cover the general as well as unique issues facing our client’s organisation.

Innovation at the forefront also needs to show real returns - We believe our market leading capability to innovate and develop workplace risk management and reporting services result in real demonstrable returns and added value to our clients.

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved through real partnerships - We believe client satisfaction starts with partnering. All our people are encouraged to forge partnerships with our clients, throughout our organisation and all our dealings. Because of this strong commitment, we believe we can achieve improved competitive performance.

Our Brand Values

Trusted Advice – All of our workplace risk solutions must deliver added value to our clients where and when they need it, saving their time and providing for less decision making.

Accessible - Providing high levels of accessibility with business-led service levels, supported by strong operational capability.

Partnership –Working in partnership with you to help bring out the best in your efforts, enabling you to be effective and efficient. We help you to make continual improvements and enhance competitive advantage, to evolve and grow in the future.

Accurate - Ensuring we get it right first time.

Solutions - We provide quality solutions that aim to achieve our clients' business needs.

Our Approach to Workplace Risk Professional Services Delivery

We employ the best consultants creating an environment where they are encouraged to develop their skills to the full and share their knowledge. We provide on-going education and mentoring to ensure our consultants have the Ark branded work approach and keep up to date with all the new methodologies, models, legislation, practices, and developments etc. from risk and /or sustainability, management and software, as well as new client or asset technologies. Our workplace risk professional services delivery is built entirely upon the effectiveness, innovation and expertise of our consultants.
As a thought leader and trusted advisor, Ark Workplace Risk’s professional advice is designed to deliver added value by offering high accessibility to the account team, giving proactive, effective and efficient support through a single dedicated contact.

Ark’s Trusted Advisor Territory

  • Earn trust, build relationships, give advice effectively.
  • We treat each of our clients as an individual
  • Our energy is spent on understanding the client
  • Our client receives a safe haven for hard issues
  • We believe that a continued focus on problem definition and resolution is more important than technical or content mastery
  • We develop trust by engaging, listening, framing, envisioning, committing.

We believe that CSR, risk policies, workplace risk compliance, business continuity reputation management and safety governance have a strong interplay. We can contribute to the workplace risk element of your CSR policy formulation all the way through to developing an integrated joined up approach to workplace risk management.

Most businesses operate to make a profit but along with commercial success, many now place value on objectives such as collaboration, sustainability and social responsibility. Ark Workplace Risk recognises that a clear Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is critical to the future of any organisation and can make a clear contribution to profitability and growth.

Our CSR consulting develop workable solutions that recognise the importance of a responsible approach to commercial activity and can translate that commitment into initiatives, management systems, policies and tools that help businesses work towards strategic and targets whilst considering reputation management.

Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Ark’s CSR solutions span a spectrum of initiatives and activities, encompassing issues such as sustainability, supplier safety and contractor approval. Increasingly, our clients believe that the development of a strong sense of CSR within the organisational infrastructure leads to a clear competitive advantage, making it easier to attract the best job candidates, enter new markets, win new business and create stronger strategic relationships with third party bodies and organisations.

Overview of CSR Outsourcing Solutions

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Development