Asita srl

Asita srl

Asita srl

Asita is specialized in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronics measuring instruments. Asita is a nationally recognized leader in the supply of Advanced Measuring Systems to various companies like: Electricity companies; Chemical and Petrochemical industries; Big industrial plants; Consulting and design studios; Installers of photovoltaic systems. Asita products are sold by all major electronics distributors and wholesalers.

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Via Malpighi, 170 - P.O. box 170 , Faenza (RA) , Emilia-Romagna 48018 Italy
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Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The company was founded in 1975 in Faenza, “the town of ceramics”, with all the modesty of the novitiate, but with an already defined aim: to provide technologically advanced equipment and components to professionals in the electronics field. 


Just one year later, their mission became much more defined, and Asita established itself in the demanding field of instruments for electrical and electronic measurements. Success was right around the corner and was even to be found on the other side of the globe; as a matter of fact, in Japan,


The company HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION, already a worldwide leader at that time, entrusted Asita with the distribution and after-sales assistance of its measuring instruments; a partnership was established, which become consolidated in time and is still continuing today.


Asita  was the first Italian company, to be granted product certification, thus being able to boast the IMQ Mark (Italian Institute for the Quality Mark) on some of its instruments, confirming the quality of the products as well as guaranteeing all Asita customers instruments in compliance with the technical standards. 


Asita obtained the UNI EN ISO 9000 company quality system certification. The company still holds this certification, therefore confirming its willingness to monitor all internal procedures and affirming their commitment to constant improvement.

Asita’s primary goal is, in fact, to seek an identity, which enhances its work, at the same time providing a guarantee to all users of Asita instruments, through the quality and experience conveyed by the customers themselves.

By the way: why ASITA? In Italian it is the acronym of Automazione, Strumentazione, Innovazione, Tecnologia Avanzata. (Automation, Instruments, Innovation, Advanced tecnology)


Asita also became SIT Calibration Centre n°109, while today it is ACCREDIA LAT n° 109, thus extending the range of services offered to its customers along with the instruments; a specific service aimed at keeping the instruments efficient and traceable by protecting the financial investment.


On the eve of its first 40 years of life, Asita can offer its customers the most complete choice of measuring instruments on the market and a service of qualified consultancy dedicated to the optimal use of the products and to the proper processing and interpretation of the data collected.

Even today Asita opts for transparency, safety and warranty as a means of being close to its customers and constantly confirming their trust.

The company is looking towards the future with the ambitious aim of spreading the culture of energy quality, resulting in the safety, liveability and production efficiency of the environments, with huge savings in terms of costs.

Asita wants to spread the “culture of prevention”“correct consumption” and the “protection of the environment”, both through the constant improvement of the existing instruments and their ability to coexist and communicate with the other equipment,  as well as through collaboration with research and study institutes for the training and technical-professional update of the field operators.