Atomizing Systems, Inc.

Atomizing Systems, Inc.

Our unique, patented Cold Fog® system is a completely self-contained system capable of generating man-made water fog for humidification, cooling, special effects, industrial processing, agricultural, dust suppression, humidity control and other applications. Our quality is based on the custom build of one-of-a-kind fog systems. Long term success through customer satisfaction is our goal and predicated on the pursuit of quality, everyone’s participation and value to society.

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One Hollywood Avenue , Ho-Ho-Kus , New Jersey 07423-1433 USA
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It is the intention of Atomizing Systems Inc, located at Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, U.S.A., to design, engineer and manufacture safe, reliable, advanced, tested, documented, easily maintained and appropriate equipment for all customer applications. Our mission is to build systems that meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations, ensuring that maintenance and service is minimal and simple. We strive to be the best supplier, worldwide, of the highest quality fog systems and nozzles, supported by service that is technically sound, customer driven, and of the highest integrity. Given the accomplishment of the previous objectives, we will provide our customers with competitive price and delivery, and reduce cost. We will always comply with the laws and needs of the society and community in which we all live.

Our quality system is based on the custom build of one-of-a-kind fog systems. During production, quality and consistency are maintained by constant review of customer needs by the sales function, and technical requirements by the engineering function.

Internal & external QA auditing are considered important QC assessment tools at ASI and ASI is beginning to assemble a series of technical documents to provide & inform its customers of our methods for the Work and Equipment we are providing. These technical documents will be prepared to aid the customer in understanding these goals and requirements. This document lists the primary goals that are most important in the initial development and implementation of a QC/QA program. Additionally, each assembly person is trained to understand these areas and recommend changes. Before and after production, the sales function will maintain contact with the customer and communicate with the other functions to improve our performance.

For many years, we have continued to develop & utilize components & designs to reduce, noise, wear and maintenance. This continued drive toward quality has led to the ruby nozzle (patented) that will not wear with use or age at high pressure. Also standard is our ‘slow-run’ technology using electronic VFD with low inrush currents or “soft-start” and many other associated benefits (longer component life, less noise/vibration and greater system life expectancy) and an all stainless, direct-drive chassis assembly which also contributes to less vibration while eliminating belt & pulleys with their associated maintenance.

  1. Verify conformance with quality standards, drawings, specs, and local requirements for domestic & international projects
  2. Establish quality baselines whenever possible on all systems/models
  3. Measure improvements
  4. Maintain competitiveness by continued benchmarking in mechanical, electrical and fog development & design innovations for varied applications
  5. Comply with contractual requirements
  6. Identify/reduce liability exposure with quality devices, designs to eliminate electrical and mechanical hazards with modern solid-state components with multiple capability requirements for the Work.
  7. Ensure internal/external customer satisfaction in all contact areas – provide global technical information directly applicable to the Work (e.g., design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and documentation)
  8. Measure benchmark attainment
  9. Monitor improvement
  10. Monitor employee effectiveness
  11. Monitor/measure supplier improvement
  12. Establish performance baselines
  13. Evaluate/measure service quality
  14. Identify areas for corrective action
  15. Identify areas for quality improvement

In certain applications some project requirements may need modification to allow for unique or unforeseen technical situations. In the event that ASI anticipates this occurrence, we will strive to notify customers in writing of the specifics including a proposed modification and the rationale for the modification.

It is our intent within this Quality Control/Quality Assurance Plan (QA/QC) to establish and define the minimum procedures that will assure contractor, vendor, and/or consultant compliance with: Contracts, Drawings, applicable Specifications and Standards as well as and Code Compliance.

In short, what we mean by a quality system & total quality management system is a management approach to an organization centered on quality, based on the participation of all its members and aiming at long-term success through customer satisfaction.

We continue to focus our efforts on maintaining and improving existing quality systems that have been marketed, tested, improved and approved. Long term success through customer satisfaction is our goal and predicated on the pursuit of quality, everyone’s participation and value to society.

Procedures and systems will be established to monitor, control, and improve those variables that directly and indirectly are involved in the production of uniform products and the delivery of consistent services.