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Audex Pumps

At Audex we focus exclusively on providing the best possible pumping solutions for handling abrasive industrial fluids. This has enabled us to create pumping systems which exceed customers’ expectations time after time. We’ve built our offering around what we know our customers want and need, having listened to their frustrations with using outdated pump designs which are not primarily designed for abrasive fluids. Today, Audex is part of the Intrax Group and is a trusted supplier of high quality services and solutions for industries such as mining, quarrying, recycling, cement plants and industrial dewatering. As a key brand of the Group, Audex is responsible for development of our submersible pump business globally.

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11 Orgreave Close Dore House Industrial Estate , Handsworth, Sheffield , Yorkshire S13 9NP United Kingdom
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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

Audex submersible pumps have been developed for use in the toughest and most abrasive applications and environments. Specifically, they are in use by many of the world’s largest aggregates and recycling companies, in the heaviest of industrial applications.

Audex submersible pumps are used in many industries including: mining, quarrying, recycling, cement plants and industrial dewatering. With many unique design features they are the submersible pump of choice for many operators in these fields. Their ability to withstand wear from abrasive, highly corrosive fluids is legend.

Continuous Improvement and Product Development

Continuing to work with clients to develop ever improved products and solutions is key to our future development. Our engineers, based at the heart of industrial in Sheffield, UK, are working on innovative designs to reduce costs and maintenance downtime. Their expertise is matched only by their enthusiasm and is our main driver for growth.

Intrax as a group is committed to major on-going research and development and works closely with local institutions to ensure the best use and development of the many skills available in this part of the world.

The close proximity of the Advance Manufacturing Park, home to companies such as Boeing and Rolls Royce, gives a ready availability of access to leading technologies, all in compliance with the strictest environmental and safety standards.

Submersible pumps are often used in sump drainage and other forms of dewatering. They are commonly used with the whole body of the pump under water, with the pump pushing liquid towards the surface rather than relying on creating a suction lift as would be the case with other centrifugal pumps. This makes them far more efficient when dealing with many applications. The impeller in such a submersible pump often pushes the water around the motor itself which does present the problem of effectively sealing the electronics away from the water flow. Audex Pumps are an example of submersible pump that works on this principle.

There are a number of basic challenges when using industrial submersible dewatering pumps in abrasive and tough applications. Impellers can quickly wear down and particles are often a problem for many submersible pumps as they can quickly clog the inlet. The Audex range almost entirely overcome this with a hardened chrome impeller to give a long lifespan and deal with any small but often abrasive particles travelling through the pump by using a sieve with hole sizes appropriate for the pump inlet. The next problem for submersible pumps is their seals. Audex uses double mechanical seals in oil baths and an elastomer volute liner both again for a long lifespan. This helps keep it a reliable solution to even aggressive applications while maintaining a low downtime working life.