Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre

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Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre Services

  • Exercising Services

    Exercising Services

    AMOSC is continually involved with our member companies in exercising within the Australian environment.  This includes planning, organising, leading and controlling major operational exercises such as Exercise Westwind (2015) to assisting companies with their exercise requirements as required by the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage (OPGGS) Act and associated Regulations.

  • Assurance Services

    Assurance Services

    AMOSC understands the continually increasing requirements to provide higher levels of assurance to the petroleum industry and particularly in the area of preparedness. The assurance we provide is based on the credibility we have within the response community. 

  • Equipment- Operations/Maintenance

    Equipment- Operations/Maintenance

    Apart from maintaining our own extensive amount of oil spill equipment in over four locations, AMOSC is also supporting our member companies with organisation and maintenance of their equipment stockpiles ensuring consistency and quality around equipment operability and scheduled maintenance.

  • Equipment Hire Services

    Equipment Hire Services

    In cases of individual company requirements, specialised and selective equipment can be hired for short term operations on application to AMOSC. Generally, member companies have access to the suite of AMOSC equipment for response purposes.

  • Dispersant Stockpile Maintenance Services

    Dispersant Stockpile Maintenance Services

    Product selection and inventory management are critical elements for ensuring global dispersant stockpiles are response ready. AMOSC currently maintains the largest dispersant stockpile in Australia and continues to work collaboratively on development of international best practice relating to dispersant stockpile maintenance in consultation with the Petroleum Industry.