Autobren s.r.l.

The company was established at the end of the 70s as a vehicle repair garage. It then moved on the heavy vehicles, waste removal heavy vehicles and, lastly, the direct design, construction and sale of waste removal vehicles. Initially a family-run business and bolstered by its experience in vehicles repairs, Autobren quickly learnt to perfectly combine quality and simplicity to construct peerlessly efficient vehicles. Over the years, the family continued to run the business to guarantee the meticulous control of every work phase. Only top quality materials are used in construction to ensure the precise and constant operations of all machinery. Operating simplicity as well as material reliability and durability make Autobren products ideal for anyone working in the urban waste removal sector.

Company details

Via Natta 15/17 , Brendola (VI) , 36040 Italy

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Municipal Waste
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

We only use the Highest Quality Materials

Hardox in my body ensures that it has been used wear-proof steel Hardox.

Applying the label'Hardox in my body'on high quality products made all over the world, manufacturers can demonstrate that these products haveexcellent wear-proofrequirements.

The hardox resists cracks, dents and especially wear, so if you buy a machine with the label'Hardox in my body'you are sure to get ahigh qualityproduct.