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Avantes BV

Avantes is the leading innovator in the development and application of fiber optic spectroscopy instruments and systems with over two decades of experience developing customer-defined spectrometer configurations. With a long history of consulting with clients across diverse industries and applications, Avantes is an experienced partner, equipped to guide customers who want a solution tailored to their application and research needs. By building best in class, spectrometers and providing second-to-none customer service, Avantes offers customers the peace of mind that the Avantes solutions they purchase will meet, and exceed, their expectations.

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Oude Apeldoornseweg 28 , Apeldoorn , Gelderland NL-7333 Netherlands
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Avantes is the innovative, trusted leader in high quality and customer oriented optical instruments and solutions. We achieve this through service-oriented thinking and acting, encouraging and motivating each-other with a positive critical and professional attitude of each Avantes employee.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of mankind in the world we live in.
The mission is provide state of the art, innovative measuring equipment that helps mankind live longer, healthier, and saving the planet for generations to come.

Avantes instruments and accessories are also deployed into many OEM applications in many industries in markets throughout the world. With over 22 years of experience in fiber optic spectroscopy and thousands of instruments in the field, Avantes is eager to help our customers to find the perfect solutions for their spectroscopy challenges.

Avantes spectroscopy solutions facilitate measurements in the ultra-violet, visible and near-infrared wavelengths ranging from chemical composition and quantification to color measurement and radiometry. With an installed base of over 20,000 systems throughout the world and over 22 years of experience in fiber optic spectroscopy, Avantes is equipped to meet the challenges presented by applications facing our customers. Avantes spectrometers, light sources and fiber optic sampling accessories provide the enabling technology for spectroscopy and material characterizations in these and many other industries:

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals
  • Photonics
  • Lighting
  • (Bio)medical Technologies
  • Solar 
  • Glass & Coating
  • Semiconductor
  • Gemology
  • Environmental

Avantes serves our customers through a combination of direct and indirect sales and technical support personnel. Through our 2400 m2 headquarters in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and direct offices in Colorado, USA and China, our Sales Engineers work closely with our customers to better understand their applications and recommend appropriate solutions. Avantes also has an extensive network of 46 distributors in 35 countries who are well-trained in the configuration and usage of Avantes spectroscopy solutions. Avantes administrative and production organizations are based in the Netherlands where our employees are dedicated to quality workmanship and a relentless drive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

For OEM customers, Avantes believes in a partnership approach to tailor our solutions and manufacturing processes to meet the needs of the end use application. Avantes Sales Engineers follow a discovery process with our potential OEM partners to ensure our solution recommendation closely aligns with their needs. Upon reaching a consensus with our customers our team of engineers and support personnel works collaboratively to ensure successful integration and maximum interoperability.

Wavelength Calibration
All AvaSpec spectrometers come standard with a wavelength calibration and coefficients, to calculate wavelength from pixel number. This information is installed on-board, on the AvaSpec’s EEPROM.

Under normal conditions the wavelength calibration does not need to be redone, since the spectrometers have no moving elements inside. If a wavelength shift is measured versus the original wavelength calibration, the spectrometer can be recalibrated by the end-user, using the Avalight-CAL using the auto-calibration software routine in AvaSoft-Full.

As an option the spectrometer can also be returned to Avantes for recalibration, (Spectral-cal-service). Before returning the spectrometer an RMA authorization number needs to be obtained.

Non-linearity Calibration 
Most detectors of the AvaSpec spectro-meters have a good linear behavior in their detector response, which means that there is a better than 95% correlation between raw signal in A/D counts and the light intensity at the spectrometer entrance.

However for some applications, which require a wide dynamic range, such as highly absorbing substances or low light level applications, combined with a need for high accuracy, a non-linearity calibration of the detector is recommended. This NL-calibration is performed on the detector array and the output signal is linearized to better than 99%. A complete calibration report and the calculated NL calibration coefficients are delivered with the spectrometer. For irradiance calibrations the NL-calibration is automatically included.

Irradiance Calibration
Applications that use spectrometers to measure the light energy of radiant sour-ces require an irradiance-calibrated spectrometer. For all AvaSpec spectrometers both irradiance and radiance NIST traceable calibrations can be offered. Irradiance calibrations (µW/cm2) are normally performed on a system with a fiber-optic cable and a cosine corrector or integrating sphere. Radiance calibrations (µW/cm2/sr) can be performed on a spectrometer and a bare fiber or fiber with collimating lens looking at a diffuse illuminated surface. 

The (ir)radiance calibrations can be performed over 3 different wavelength ranges, UV (200-400 nm), VIS (360-1100 nm) and NIR (1100-2500 nm). All systems are calibrated against a NIST traceable irradiance calibration standard and come with a complete report and calibration files, which are stored on the EEPROM of the spectrometer and can be loaded directly into the AvaSoft-IRRAD software module to obtain irradiance parametric measurements.

More information on irradiance can be found in the software section (AvaSoft-IRRAD) and the section Applications - Irradiance Measurements.

As an alternative to Avantes irradiance calibration services, irradiance calibrated light sources, such as AvaLight-DHS-CAL and AvaLight-HAL-CAL are available to perform your own