Averda Environmental Services LLC

Averda Environmental Services LLC

Averda Environmental Services LLC

Averda is an Integrated Waste Management company specializing in various streams of Waste Collection, Waste Management, Waste Disposal and Recycling services. With a presence in almost all of the GCC countries, Lebanon and Europe, Averda is aiming to be a global phenomenon in bringing forth the latest in Waste Management solutions.

Company details

Building 1791 Boshar, Ghala , Muscat , 509, PC 11 Oman


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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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While most companies in the sector are trying to change and save the world, or provide waste management solutions, we’re doing both. Because for us, they’re both one goal. No waste challenge is too big or small. If it requires our assistance, we’ll get it done together, with no excuses.

We deliver
There are no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. Because that’s what we do best: deliver on our promise. Our highly trained, responsive and reliable workforce constantly works towards providing the highest standard of waste solutions that not only benefit you, but the environment as well.


We get it done immediately

Our team of experts work 24 hours, 7 days a week to address your concerns and help deliver the most appropriate waste management solutions. Our dedicated customer service centers are quick to respond with professional service, and always courtous and friendly. We believe in excellent customer service at every stage.


We create partnerships

There’s no one-fits-all waste management formula. Everyone’s different, with different needs. It takes an experienced team to understand these needs to provide the right service. That is why, we don’t have clients, we have partners. We work with them together as one team, at every step of the way, addressing issues and providing solutions for a sustainable, clean environment.


We're one click away

The averda mobile app is an easy-to-use application that empowers you with a one-click solution to directing averda’s quick-response waste management team to areas around your city that require cleaning assistance and attention. It also enables you to submit queries, find out any information you may need and give us feedback about our services. Its our way to get instant feedback from our customers.

From modest beginnings to the forefront of environmental change. The first chapters of the averda story began in Beirut, Lebanon, when Maysarah Khalil Sukkar founded his first company, Sukkar Engineering. The company went on to become the country’s leading provider of processing machinery for consumer goods.

In 1970, with a simple idea and vision to change the region’s perspective on waste, Sukkar Engineering moved to Saudi Arabia to research and develop ways to provide people with the best waste management solutions. Backed with decades of expertise in the industry, in 1993, the company returned to Lebanon with a deep understanding of the region’s waste management requirements, and a new vision for a country’s recovery. Sukleen was born.

The company was awarded the rights to design, implement and operate a system to manage the country’s waste.

Sukleen since, has become a household name that’s synonymous with waste management. It’s this spirit of getting the job done that continues to live on in everything that we do. At the forefront of environmental progress and change, today, averda is the leading waste management group in the Middle East and Africa. Our success story continues to be written through the millions of consumers, businesses and governments we partner with, every day.

Rooted in everything that we do are a set of beliefs that reflect averda as an organisation and stand for everything that we believe in. They are the pillars that drive us forward to deliver the best solutions to our partners, and empower us to deliver on our mission vision.

Our vision
To clean our world.

Our mission
To be the largest, most sophisticated, most adventurous waste management company in the emergent market.

Our values


  • We deliver on our promises at all times. We do what we promise.
  • We act decisively. We react to our environment.


  • We care for our environment so it can safely grow. We carry out tasks efficiently.
  • We respect each individual’s contribution. We adapt to the situation at hand.


  • We inspire others through our own actions. We support and trust each other.
  • We unite behind our shared purpose. We encourage a creative approach.
  • Our energy is contagious.