Averda Environmental Services LLC

Averda Environmental Services LLC

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  • Clean & Collect

    From homes and offices, to streets and industrial areas, we collect all kinds of waste general, bulky, liquid, hazardous etc. Backed with an efficient team, the right technology and a specialised fleet of vehicles, we ensure that the areas we service are spick and span.

  • Abandoned Vehicles Services

    Abandoned Vehicles Services

    Vehicles of all sizes are abandoned every day in the streets causing major circulation disruption. averda is equipped to collect all sizes of vehicles keeping streets neat and clutter free.

  • Conventional Wastewaste Collection Services

    Conventional Wastewaste Collection Services

    At averda, general waste collection is synonymous with customized solutions and timely service. You will have the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of containers that best suit your requirements; moreover you will be well informed about the progress of your projects via an intelligent service planning mechanism that responds to your needs and follows up on the execution, to make sure your project is delivered on time.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    averda is backed with more than 35 years of experience which allow us to offer consultancy services on any topic related to waste management and environmental services.

  • Hazardous Waste Services

    Hazardous Waste Services

    Dealing with hazardous waste is a sensitive matter. We always make sure that we do our job while taking into consideration its impact on people's livelihood. From collection to treatment and disposal, we manage your hazardous waste while meeting all the environmental and safety regulations on both national and international levels. We offer customized solutions to suit your needs, while safeguarding the cleanliness and safety of your premises.

  • Recover & Recycle

    Our main focus behind everything that we do, is the environment. That is why, once we have collected waste, we do our very best to make sure a high percentage of it is recycled and reused. Our cost-effective and sustainable methods for waste management help deliver the perfect solution to your thrown-away plastics, metals and paper: a new beginning.

  • Compact Services

    Compact Services

    Before we send the waste to further processing or disposal, we make sure to have it compacted to the minimum size to make sure we achieve transport payload efficiency.

  • Recycle Services

    Recycle Services

    Using the latest technology, we transform glass, metal, plastic cardboard & paper into material to be used in the making of new products.

  • On-Site Shredding and Recycling Service

    On-Site Shredding and Recycling Service

    We offer an on-site shredding and recycling service, that assures the safe and confidential destruction of important official documents and electronic data.

  • Divert & Dispose

    While we're always working towards a 100% recyclable world, we're not there yet. So what happens to the waste that cannot be recycled? We take care of it. Our diversion techniques such as transforming waste to energy, composting and thermal processing help divert waste from landfills and preserve natural resources. Our disposing facilities safely dispose all kinds of waste, and meet the highest regulatory stands.

  • Landfilling Services

    Landfilling Services

    Residual waste material is delivered to site and is land-filled under strict controls. The site is engineered and lined so as to capture the generated leachate and the landfill gas.

  • Technical Waste Solutions

  • Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management

    Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management

    Hazardous waste is a complex issue. We handle it sensitively. We handle it safely. With efficiency, and with the latest technologies.From the harmful by-products of the oil and gas industry to mining and industrial waste, we offer a complete, comprehensive service. We identify, collect, transfer, store and treat hazardous waste. Across all markets. And in line with local legislation.

  • Healthcare Waste Management Services

    Healthcare Waste Management Services

    Healthcare waste presents many challenges. It involves ever-changing regulatory demands and rigorous legislative requirements. Our end-to-end service takes care of everything. Giving you peace of mind. Every day healthcare facilities create volumes of waste that must be disposed of safely and effectively. We’re here to make every step of the process simple and seamless. Collection. Transportation. Treatment. Disposal. Compliance. Documentation....

  • Industrial Cleaning Services

    Industrial Cleaning Services

    Factories. Industrial sites. Our industrial cleaning experts visit your site and create a tailored plan that’s perfect for your space and equipment. Then we clean. Our advanced technology, machinery and chemicals make light work of even the toughest cleaning challenges. And we bring in our super-sized, specialised cleaning machines – to clean your machines. We bring our purpose-built pipe cleaning equipment. Our industrial-sized vacuum...

  • Landfill Build and Management Services

    Landfill Build and Management Services

    We’re working towards a world where as much waste is recycled and recovered as possible. But we’re not there yet. Until we are, we landfill materials we can’t reuse, recycle or upcycle. And with the latest technology, we make sure these materials do zero or minimal damage or disturbance. But that’s not all we do. Our landfills can create energy. Turn their gases into electricity for local communities, and treat their liquids,...

Services by Molok Ltd

  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    Molok deep collection containers are made to last for decades of intense use. However, with time maintenance and cleaning services are required to extend the life time of the containers. Regular maintenance also guarantees that the containers can stay in operation for years to come.

  • Installation Service

    Installation Service

    Molok deep collection containers are installed to a depth of 1,5 m according to the installation instructions delivered with the containers. Installation is done by an authorized Molok Installation team. Product warranty is valid when the installation is done according to the instructions given by Molok Ltd.