Avis Industrial Corporation

Avis Industrial Corporation

Avis Industrial Corporation is an innovative and diversified global supplier of quality products, trusted brands, and creative solutions. Acquiring unique manufacturing operations and turning them into leaders in the marketplace has been Avis’ practice for over 50 years. Avis Industrial Corporation focuses all of its acquisition efforts in locating niche companies that will enhance current company holdings. For over half a century Avis’ operating entities have developed the innovative solutions customers need to produce the next generation of products. From the consummation of an acquisition, the staff at Avis Industrial Corporation sets ambitious targets for its operating companies. The Avis subsidiaries are postured as market leaders to achieve higher standards and continually surpass customer expectation by totally focusing on world class operating metrics.

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1909 South Main Street, PO Box 548 , Upland , Indiana 46989 USA

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

It is the mission of the Avis Industrial Corporation to support its subsidiaries development, growth and prosperity in order to achieve and maintain leadership status with respect to our individual markets. Avis Industrial Corporation will achieve our mission by engaging in a relationship with our subsidiaries that promotes VISION, FOCUS, CANDID DIALOG, COOPERATION, and SUPPORTING ACTION.


Avis Industrial Corporation proudly believes that our employees are our most valued and long-term resource. We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging each employee’s contribution and personal growth. Avis Industrial Corporation attracts leaders with an extraordinary combination of attributes like vision to be a market leader and passion for solving the big issues that challenge the world around them. Avis Industrial Corporation views its single most important responsibility as to attract, find, and employ people who are driven to make a difference.

The men and women who are leading Avis Industrial Corporation’s many operating businesses are highly regarded as the top leaders in their industry. Each is directing their respective organization to promote our family partnership culture by becoming keenly aligned to our customers’ needs while working in a completely transparent relationship.


Avis Philosophy:
At Avis Industrial Corporation we use the phrase: “The Avis Family of Companies.” In today’s world of big corporations you will experience the Avis Family relationship. From the first handshake, you will experience the family culture of the way business used to be done. Our family culture is the core building block for a partnership that today’s competitors only talk about. Leland and LaRita Boren built the culture in our companies over decades and instilled a lifelong commitment to this company. Today, this culture is the unifying force for our operations around the world.

Conduct Philosophy:
Avis Industrial Corporation will meet and exceed all legal and ethical requirements. There is no tolerance for non-compliant behavior. Our values and ethics serve as the compass by which we navigate our way through our business decisions. Avis Industrial Corporation takes the lead example for all its subsidiaries in conducting business in the highest ethical standards and with the highest level of integrity. These values drive our business practices as we strive to serve our markets.

Safety Philosophy:
We are a corporation that takes pride in exhibiting the highest safety standards in the conduct of its business. Appropriate training is a crucial process for all of our employees and we work to establish a positive working environment which provides a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. Our operating entities continually analyze our operations in order to maximize health and the well being of our greatest assets, our people. We will put no achievement in front of safety. Providing a safe workplace is our top priority.

Operating Philosophy:
Best cost capabilities are achieved by attaining world class benchmarks and employing world class employees. Lean principles are integrated into our corporate culture and throughout the value streams of the entire organization empowering performance and efficiency. Avis Industrial Corporation ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.