AWAS International GmbH

AWAS International GmbH

We are experts for industrial wastewater engineering. Since 1975 we design, engineer and build wastewater systems and advise our clients, regarding the appropriate choice of wastewater treatment. The range of our solutions for the separation of liquids with contaminants is growing rapidly. When developing our innovative sewage technology, we rely on physical, quantum physical and biophysical processes while largely avoiding chemical usage. Be convinced by our range of services on the pages of solutions, industries und products. And get to know our company and our social and environmental commitment. Crude oil exploration and production industry, refineries, airports, metal industry and recycling, textile and food industry, machinery construction, surface technology, residential, institutional, commercial and surface water, lake - and inland waterway transport, automotive, petrol stations and vehicle cleaning

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Schulstraße 24 , Wilnsdorf , D-57234 Germany
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Innovative solutions for your demand
The developments of AWAS International have seriously changed the handling of process water and industrial wastewater in the recent decades. Core competencies of AWAS include separation of floating matter and particles, emulsion splitting, new nano-flotation technology and individual service water recycling technology. 

Our expertise is emerged due to a careful research and development of the latest technology solutions in the field of industrial, storm and circulating effluent treatment in many industries. Since 1978, we have been developing unique wastewater systems and consulting our clients regarding the appropriate choice of wastewater systems. 

Patented system modules with almost maintenance and clog-free filterless vortex technology increase the cleaning efficiency of wastewater to a maximum - while reducing the operational and maintenance costs.

In addition to discharge systems free from average and volume-orientated storage tanks, treatment components such as UV-A bio processors, Nano-Flotation, demulsifying systems, first- and second-flash technology and the newly developed Zero Liquid Discharge complete our systems – right down to individual process control.

AWAS systems are ideally suited to replace outdated sewage treatment plants - with regard to operating costs and maintenance requirements. Due to the space-saving design of the simultaneous separation technique, existing structures can be used without any major conversion costs.

Using our international experience and innovative approach, we are always one step ahead! Our team will gladly design a viable concept for construction or renovation of your wastewater treatment plants.

Challenge us…

Our company philosophy goes far beyond the purely technical aspects of our work. As a modern company AWAS INTERNATIONAL embraces its social and environmental responsibility.

AWAS Wastewater Technology – with the nature and for the nature.


AWAS International - a team of specialists is at your disposal. With decades of experience, creative know-how and a lot of inspiration for innovation.

AWAS supports you with innovative solutions in the wide field of waste water technology such as filterless separators and other efficient wastewater treatment systems for every application.

Our engineers advise professionally and we plan, manufacture and install your new system. In addition, we support your system with services such as repairs and security checks on demand.


Learning from nature…
Our business objective is the development and constant optimization of water treatment plants.
In doing so we learn from nature. We align our technical development work in wastewater technology and the separation of liquids and materials on physical, quantum physical and biophysical process technology, while largely avoiding the use of chemicals.

Our philosophy goes far beyond the technical aspects of our work. As a modern company AWAS faces its social and environmental responsibility too.

Our aim is to develop and use our process technology pro-evolutionary.
We do not only try to treat the waste water according to the state of the art technology and the newest quantum physical AWAS research and development standards but to energize the effluent water in a way that it cleans the water it flows into.

Together we can exceed usual limits and add new paradigms in our actions.
Together we can promote creativity, develop potentials, initiate developments, generate enthusiasm and create new habitats.

The harmony of giving and receiving is set by nature. We are a part of nature.

Therefore: AWAS Wastewater Technology - with nature and for nature.


Mankind has started a war against nature driven by our simplicity and our pride. Our thinking and acting was fixed on a progress of science and knowledge.

The mechanistic-materialistic world view of the Enlightenment led to the rule of specialists:

  • Physics understands only the academic physicist
  • Chemistry only the chemist
  • Medicine only the medical
  • Religion only the priest

We are all witnesses to this time, as technological interventions in nature leading to even more serious consequences.

Let us pause and reflect on the forces of nature and orient ourselfs back to the living and organic! Let us try to use what nature shows us in line with the modern idea of quantum mechanics and physics.

Personally, I try to use this perspective to achieve a better understanding of the world and to respect and protect its source of live – water.

Come and join! You can get involved as well. Every step counts, even the smallest!


Engagement knows no boundaries
We all live in the same environment. We are only able to maintain it together.
Biowaterworld for Africa

Drinking water for Africa

A new drinking water concept for Africa
In many regions the storing of rain water in dams means to create a stock for the drought. To obtain the dam-water clean is “the” problem per se. And finally “only” chemistry is an often used but not optimal solution.

The ecological solution:

Biolight Oloid Pyramide
We developed this floating system, using natural borrowed motion by means of OLOID and biological UVA-light to improve the quality of water and to keep it alive.


The resource of water is becoming increasingly scarce in Ghana. The causes are growth of population, urbanization and expansion of irrigated agriculture. At the same time water pollution caused by industrialization increases. For the Ghanaian water supply open water reservoirs are often used which are fed by industrial wastewater as well. Sewage systems are rarely available. Water treatment in the outdated municipal facilities constitutes a major problem.

60.000 litres per day
This is where the AWAS-project starts: We installed an exemplary system for wastewater treatment at the Ghanaian producer for edible oil Ghana Nuts Limited (GNL). It treats the daily 60.000 litres of wastewater and recycles most of it back into the production process. GNL-employees were trained in operation and maintenance of the system in order to use it independently in the future. In addition, information events about water management are planned. As part of this commitment, AWAS built a public drinking fountain in the immediate vicinity of the plant, which will provide, among others, a hospital which is still under construction. To prevent bacterial contamination of the well water, a biological light system is integrated.

Transfer of knowledge
The aim of the project is to promote knowledge transfer and exchanges between enterprises, institutions, universities and the population in Ghana on water management and to raise awareness for it. The State Environmental Protection Agency of Ghana receives assistance for new standards of water quality. AWAS uses this demonstration plant to gain reliable market data and to show itself as a professional partner for water and wastewater treatment in the African market.


Water: The elixir of life
Without water there is no life. Far too often we treat this element as it would not be anything special. We want to change that. Our technology is based on natural principles and extracts the pollutants from the water in a gentle way.

Water is vital.Water is always in motion.Water has the power to regenerate itself and to repel contaminating elements.

Our aim is to explore these processes, to understand them and a constant development of new technologies which arise from this knowledge and which correspond to natural processes. We use for example the momentum of a wide variety of water movements as well as physical and biological properties of the elements in order to optimize our technology continually.

Using dedication and profound knowledge we support the water in its very own ability to clean itself.