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At AXI International, we engineer Intelligent Fuel Management Solutions that clean, restore, and maintain fuel wherever it is used or stored. Making engines more reliable and efficient, our systems provide peace of mind, while ensuring a cleaner world for future generations. We use our position as an industry leader to: Educate the worldwide market about the problem of fuel degradation. Elevate the market’s fuel performance standards. Surpass expectations for after-the-sale support. Build relationships to most-effectively anticipate and address our clients’ every need. Cultivate communication with consumers as the most valued members of our R&D team. Pledge our tireless support to our global force of sales engineers. Innovate continuously and foster a corporate culture where creative thinking is encouraged and rewarded. The end result and our promise to you is peace of mind, because the AXI solution will eliminate fuel-related problems in your tanks and engines.

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5400 Division Drive , Fort Myers , Florida 33905 USA

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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

AXI International is an innovative and rapidly growing company in the field of fuel management, specializing in fuel filtration, separation, conditioning, and fuel additives. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Florida, USA, with an extensive multi-national distribution network.

Our mission - developing, engineering, and manufacturing environmentally supportive fuel technologies, products, and solutions that restore, optimize, and extend fuel quality.

Our goals - helping our customers lower the costs of operating & maintaining diesel powered equipment, improving combustion performance & reliability, while reducing harmful emissions.

Over the last ten years, our intensive efforts in research and development of fuel conditioning technologies placed us as the market leader in fuel treatment.

Our products have been successfully used in thousands of applications all around the world. We offer flexible and competent engineering solutions for the most complex technical requirements, tailored to individual customer needs.

The AXI International approach to fuel management is unique in an industry where consumers and engine makers have always operated on the premise that 'fuel is fuel'. Traditionally, combustion improvement efforts have focused on the machinery without much consideration for the condition and the quality of the fuel.

AXI International's Fuel Management Solutions provide optimal fuel quality, crucial for peak engine performance, reliability, and lowered emissions.

Experience the Power of Ultra Clean Fuel
The world relies heavily on Diesel Fuel more than ever.  In fact, diesel fuel usage has increased 220% over the past 30 years.  This increase in demand has lead to changes in the production of diesel fuel that negatively impact the quality and stability of the fuel.

AXI’s Intelligent Fuel Management Solutions restore, maintain, and improve the quality and stability of diesel fuel wherever it is used or stored.

AXI specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing fuel filtration, maintenance, transfer and tank cleaning equipment.

Key industries:

  • Prime & Emergency Power Generation
  • Commercial, Military & Recreational Marine
  • Mining, Construction, Agriculture & Heavy Equipment
  • Transportation, Rail & Automotive
  • AXI offers engineered solutions for:
  • Liquid fuel unloading equipment for tanker trucks and trains
  • Liquid fuel and gas filtration vessels and skids
  • Liquid and gas separation equipment
  • Liquid fuel conditioning equipment
  • Liquid fuel forwarding skids
  • Oil-Water separators