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  • Consulting Services

    Axion Consulting’s area of expertise lies in innovative resource recovery. Drawing on our experience of working for clients to deliver a wide range of projects we have developed a range of environmental consulting services. This includes: Waste plant services, Business planning, Process development, Energy from waste, Carbon metrics, Laboratory testing.

  • Business Planning Services

    Business Planning Services

    Axion Consulting is able to provide business planning and support to businesses in the resource recovery sector. We can develop investor-ready business plans to assist a business with growth planning or to attract external investment or funding. Market investigations and comprehensive financial assessments can be carried out to consider the commercial viability of a process or facility, evaluating both capital and operational expenditure.

  • Process Development Service

    Process Development Service

    Axion is experienced in designing and developing process development solutions for the waste management and industrial sectors. We specialise in managing processing trials and optimising processes within the resource recovery sector. We have extensive experience of conducting process development engineering trials of many different separation and size reduction technologies.

  • Carbon Metrics Services

    Carbon Metrics Services

    A ‘carbon footprint’ measures the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by a person, organisation event or product. Whether you want to measure the green-house gas emissions for your organisation, building, product or event, we can help.

  • Laboratory Testing Services

    Laboratory Testing Services

    Axion can pre-test potential new sources of polymer feedstocks before you invest time, effort and money in full scale production trials. Our pilot-scale facility can duplicate a full scale process from raw material separation right through to injection moulding of finished polymer resin.