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AZU Water Gmbh

AZU Water Gmbh

AZU Water was born the drainage basin of the Danube, one of the largest in Europe. It includes 18 countries, 11 of which are part of the European Community. Only an extra-territorial vision and a continuous dialogue on methodologies to be pursued will ensure the Danube to return the “Beautiful Blue Danube”, An der schönen blauen Donau by Johann Strauss jr. AZU Water develops starting from the continuous and meticulous comparison of existing realities and their developments. AZU Water believes that there are not many solutions, but only one, the only solution most effective and efficient for every situation at that time. The continuous evolution of applied purification technology requires continuous adaptation to new proposals and solutions. Thanks to its central location, AZU Water has the ability to deal permanently with all the realities, both European and non-European, evaluate their characteristics from time to time by adopting the most effective and efficient solution.

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Bahnhofstraße 26 , Klagenfurt , A-9020 Germany
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Starting from the past water research has suggested and directed the actions and choices of the people, from the fertile crescent we moved to this day, to united Europe. The glaciers, lakes and rivers have no borders, the protection of their health should be pursued by the Physician, by the AZU, by the one who knows water. So now that as the Sumerians a time, the conservation of our water is still of prime importance and its realization happens through projects shared by anyone that benefit from it: the human race.


AZU Water is based on three fundamental concepts: uniqueness, effectiveness and efficiency.

Uniqueness: The condition and the characteristic of being unique, the fact that there are not, for a solution, others equal.

Effectiveness: Ability to produce fully the effect caused by the solution chosen.

Efficiency: Efficiency is the highest capacity solution based on the lowest possible cost.
We provide free consulting and support highly qualified solely to technical studies, studies associated engineering and architecture, construction and real estate companies to companies that are able to guarantee continuous reliability. This is the only requirement that we ask our partners because it allows US, intended as a working group, to offer the end customer a tailored, effective and efficient solution.
We cooperate only with highly qualified suppliers selected from across Europe through careful criteria such as obtaining ISO certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc., the search for the best components on the market, the propensity to research and continuous innovation and the presence of a highly competent and responsive service assistance.

AZU Water wants to propose solutions that bind with the context in which they must be included. The old mindset where the wastewater treatment plant, WWTP, is something isolated, hidden and even uncomfortable, must be abandoned for a new concept that puts the plant belonging to the whole house or the whole industry. The implant should be inserted in the heart of the building button and then optimized according to the needs of all the professionals that interface with the ultimate goal of providing the most effective and efficient results.

In the case of supply of electric current from photovoltaic systems the oxygenation of wastewater in an activated sludge plant realized by air insufflation operated by mechanical means, can be programmed in order to extend the functioning of the blower compressor in the hours of greater energy production, and reduce it, while ensuring minimum vital for maintaining bacterial flora, during the night, when hydraulic flows are generally significantly reduced.

The home automation system must not only be the light bulb turned at nightfall or the dormer window closed at the beginning of storm, but also an automation of the treatment plant operation cycles according to the monitoring of the downloaded flows. AZU Water believes that the protection of drinking water resource must be added to the energy efficiency program for any building operation in both civil and industrial. Blue gold, ie the amount of potentially drinkable water, on the planet is running out and only through the focused use and a planned reuse can reverse the trend.


Life required clean water and only improving the quality of waterbodies, rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters and groundwater, is possible to achieve these results. We need to do this as only 36% of our water-bodies in Europe are currently classified as being of ‘good status’ under new standards set down by the EU Water Framework Directive. Improving water quality in our rivers, streams and other water-bodies has many benefits. These include: safeguarding jobs and businesses which rely on good quality water-bodies, making natural habitats better for wildlife
AZU Water plans action for better water, working with partners across the Europe to plan for better water quality and protect sensitive local areas such as bathing waters.

AZU Water believe in managing catchments: a catchment is the area from which rainfall flows into a river, lake or other water-body. We work with local partners to make sure catchments are managed economically and efficiently.
AZU Water promote the reducing agricultural pollution: pollution from farms affects rivers and other water-bodies. We’re working with farmers to reduce this agricultural pollution.

AZU Water is interested in controlling urban pollution: water in towns and cities can be polluted from a number of sources. It can be difficult to know where pollution is coming from. We’re working closely with the Environment Agency to understand urban pollution better.

We and ours partners are monitoring and reducing chemical pollutants in open water and other water-bodies to protect the environment. This was a supporting detail page of the main policy document. The Environmental Quality Standards Directive 2008/105/EC sets out a list of substances that pose a threat to our water-bodies (which include rivers, lakes and groundwater). These ‘priority substances’ should stay below levels that are safe for water-bodies and human health. There’s a sub-set of the ‘priority substances’ list called the ‘priority hazardous substances list.’ All EU members must stop any discharge of these substances by 2020.