Balon Corporation

Balon Corporation

Founded in 1965 by Domer Scaramucci, Balon is a family owned company that has expanded in its five plus decades of operation from an initial 4,000 square foot building to a modern manufacturing facility that encompasses 1,400,000 square feet today. Mr. Scaramucci`s product designs for the oil and gas industry had long been recognized as inherently superior. It was this experience and success that spurred Mr. Scaramucci to start and structure a valve company that would focus on the integrity of the product as a reflection of the integrity of the Company itself. He envisioned higher quality, safer valves, and valves that would embody the overall Company destiny: to be different by philosophy, better by design. Balon employs full time, non-commissioned valve specialists who concentrate on the development of long-term relationships with valve distributors and valve owners throughout North America and around the world.

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3245 South Hattie Avenue , Oklahoma City , Oklahoma 73129 USA
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Oil, Gas & Refineries
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Globally (various continents)

In the ensuing years, Balon has established a reputation for providing valves that have proven their superior quality and have become the standard by which all others are judged. Our skilled and committed workforce is our most valuable asset and their pride of craftsmanship sets Balon apart from its competition in our pursuit of uncompromised quality and total dedication to customer satisfaction and safety.

Balon is poised for the future as we continue to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers.

To assure growth for the Company and opportunity for all employees, it shall be our aim to:

  • Produce valves with the safety of those who use them as our uppermost and defining goal.
  • Provide our customers with valves that perform as promised, at a price reflective of their true value to the user.
  • Meet the needs of our customers by maintaining a worldwide distributor network and a full-time staff of factory trained valve professionals in strategic geographical locations.
  • Respond promptly and courteously to all customer and distributor inquiries, questions, and problems.
  • Make certain that all Balon employees understand and implement our commitment to customer attention and customer satisfaction.
  • Treat our vendors, customers, distributors, and employees with equanimity and honesty.

It is Balon's goal to achieve customer satisfaction by providing valve products of clearly superior quality.

At Balon, superior products begin with innovative designs and quality, domestic raw materials. Balon cultivates long-term relationships exclusively with domestic suppliers who share our commitment to product integrity.

We take an 'eyes open' approach to quality at Balon. All employees – whether they are machining components, assembling valves, or painting and boxing valves – all employees must keep their eyes open to any situation that might compromise quality.

Raw materials are brought into our own manufacturing plant for processing. By taking full responsibility for the processing of all raw materials, Balon exercises total control over the QA process. We have a plan for the inspection of every component following each machining operation. Tight tolerance bands are maintained in order to achieve dimensional consistency from part to part and from valve to valve.

As important as QA is within our plant, our concern for quality does not stop at Balon's shipping dock. Dozens of Balon representatives sustain our commitment through thousands of customer contacts around the world every year. Customer feedback through our representatives helps us to achieve one of our primary objectives as a company, that of continuous product improvement.

Balon Corporation is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute to the API-6D Standard and by Bureau Veritas to Module H of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). Our QA program complies fully with the API Q1 Quality Standard.

At Balon Corporation, Quality Assurance is not merely a process. It is a culture that has been nurtured within our company from the beginning.

By the time Domer Scaramucci founded Balon Corporation in 1965, he had already set the standard for valve technology with his patented valve designs for the oil and gas industry. Driven by a spirit for innovation with an emphasis on safety, he laid the ground work for the company that Balon has become today.

Balon's commitment to deliver the benefits of valve engineering and innovation to our customers is reflected through over two hundred patents that we have been issued throughout the United States and Canada.

Our founder's influence continues today as we increase our patent portfolio at an average rate of five patents per year.

Balon has secured a distinguished reputation as an unprecedented innovator of design advances that have become industry standards in ball, check and needle valves. We were first to develop many of the design enhancements that are the features of high quality valves and will continue to 'Lead the Pack' through innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods.