Barrier Systems, LLC

Barrier Systems, LLC

The SandMaster Sandbagging System from Barrier Systems LLC is the most efficient and cost effective way to fill and place sandbags on the market today. This is the only system that fills, transports, securely closes and places the bags where they are needed. Capable of producing 4,800-6,200 sandbags in 8-hours with only 3-people! No matter what you are filling bags for or with, the SandMaster will speed up the process saving time.

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P.O. Box 854 , Kula , Hawaii 96790 USA
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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)
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less than $1,000,000 US

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SandMaster 20 Securely Closing the Bags

The difference between PRESERVATION & DEVASTATION is the quantity of sandbags in place!!

Using the hydraulics of equipment you already own, the SandMaster system is capable of creating and deploying 15,000-18,000 sandbags, at the area of need, in 24 hours. The brutal job and logistical nightmare of sandbagging operations is finally over.

The SandMaster is an implement that attaches to a skid steer, front end loader or excavator that quickly fills, transports, securely closes and places multiple sandbags at or near the area of need.

  • The Sandmaster 26 or 26E are capable of producing 6,240 sandbags in an eight hour period.
  • The SandMaster 20 is capable of producing 4,800 sandbags in an eight hour period.


  • To provide new and viable meens of economically protecting lives and property from devistating flood events.

The SandMaster by Barrier Systems LLC. This innovative product was invented and patented by Joseph Wayman Hartley III whose grandfather was part of the design team of Adams Equipment which invented the leaning wheel road grader which is an innovation still in use today.

All SandMaster products are proudly made in America, with our manufacuturing operation located in Napoleonville, Louisiana

  • U.S Patent #7,942,171
  • D-U-N-S #052892261
  • CAGE Code: 6CVS2

Flooding is the number one natural disaster resulting in significant human fatilities as well as countless losses of both pets and livestock every year. Flooding accounts for billions of dollars in property damages every year. With flood preparation and emergency flood response being such a time sensitive need, the Sandmaster's unsurpassed efficiency in the rapid filling and placement of sand bags allows for extremely quick construction of both permanant and temporary berms for flood control and protection of property.

In areas where sand is not readily avialable, the SandMaster Series by Barrier Systems LLC can also utilize locally available materials such as gravel, cinder or rocky soil, wet or dry. The custom made SandMaster bags are designed to withstand the weight of the material that builds up on the implement which then serves as a force to fill the bags to capacity.

The SandMaster has an environmental application for erosion control and Best Management Practices now required on most construction sites in order to reduce sediment discharge.

The SandMaster has a military application as sand bags are heavily utilized to fortify front line military operations and protect our troops.

The Sandmaster has an agricultural application as this implement can be used in developing countries as a means to bag dried grains, such as rice, corn and beans.

The potential customer base for the SandMaster Series includes any and all entities which make use of sand bags for any purpose. This list includes, but is not limited, to The Armed Services, National Guard, FEMA, Army Corp of Engineers, State and County Public Works and Road Works Divisions, the Unexploded Ordinance Industry, Railroads, private construction firms as well as individual operators interested in expanding the diversity of their services as a means to increase billable opportunities while at the same time providing a valuable service to their local communities