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Barriquand designs and builds heat exchangers: Platular welded plate heat exchangers, plate and gasket exchangers, tubular and multi-tubular exchangers, brazed plate exchangers. Thanks to 80 years of know-how, our company is able to provide several different types of exchangers and thermal technologies for all sorts of industrial applications (agro-industry, chemical, heavy industry…) and for HVAC. Advice, expertise, efficiency, robustness, reliability and of course quality are our key words in order to provide you with the very best in equipment and services. Standard or specific solutions can be offered to the industry, agro-industry, chemical industry, oil and gas, HVAC, pulp and paper, textile, heavy industry, siderurgy, mining,effluent, water treatment, etc. Barriquand heat exchangers are exported worldwide.

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9-13, Rue Saint-Claude , Roanne Cedex , F - 42334 France

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Since 1936, Barriquand is specialized in the design and fabrication of heat exchangers and industrial sterilizers.

In 1992 Barriquand joined SFPI, an international group, which currently generates a turnover of 433 million euros and employs 3800 people spread around the world.

Barriquand group
  • BARRIQUAND TECHNOLOGIES THERMIQUES: Our Thermal engineering, heat exchanger design and marketing company
  • BARRIQUAND ECHANGEURS: Our Plate heat exchanger factory in Roanne
  • ASET: Our shell and tubes heat exchanger factory in Lyon
  •  STERIFLOW THERMAL PROCESSING: Our sterilisation autoclave factory in Roanne
These companies have independent structures and offer complementary products which ensures a high level of synergy for the benefit of our clients.

Company history
  • 1936: the company was founded in Roanne by boiler-makers André and Johanès Barriquand
  • The company moved towards stainless steel tanks right from the start and then began their specialization in dyeing autoclaves 
  • From 1950 onwards, Platular® plate heat exchangers were developed for the chemical industry
  • 1975: first sterilisation autoclave
  • 1984 : acquisition of ASET in Saint-Priest, specialized in shell and tube heat exchangers
  • 1991: organisation into product lines
  • 2004: creation of BARRIQUAND TECHNOLOGIES THERMIQUES, including the thermal and commercial know-how of both BARRIQUAND ECHANGEURS and ASET
  • 2010: creation of Barriquand do Brasil
Given the range of available technologies mastered throughout the group, we advise and help customers to select the most appropriate solutions to suit their technical and budgetary requirements. Our thermal engineers are specialized in specific fields of activity, so they fully understand each market’s needs and guarantee the effectiveness of the heat exchange solutions they propose. 

The robustness, reliability and quality of our products
We are convinced that the key to success lies in developing all the skills and resources needed to design, study, manufacture and test our heat exchangers within the group. This means relying on trained and experienced people as well as significant investments in research, development and production. By controlling every stage of the process, we can constantly improve our products, ensuring both reliability and quality. 

Competent and attentive staff
Our dense sales network of heat engineers means we are always close to customers, available to listen to their requirements.
Because we want to build expertise-based relationships between our employees and our clients, we are very committed to the accompaniment of our teams.
From the beginning of their apprenticeship and throughout their evolution within the company, training our people in a quest for excellence is at the heart of our concerns. For example, we collaborate with organizations such as GRETA.

To be a world reference in heat exchangers: this is BARRIQUAND TECHNOLOGIES THERMIQUE’s objective; we’re in a constant search for excellence. Our goal? To best meet our client’s expectations by offering consulting advice, quality and advanced expertise.