Batta Environmental Associates, Inc. / BATTA Laboratories, Inc

BATTA Environmental Associates began as an environmental consulting firm in 1982. Since then we have expanded to provide a wide range of consulting and laboratory services to multiple industries across multiple states. BATTA Technologies is our partner company which offers a robust line of Peat-Based Water Filtration Systems. Our engineered filters remove Petroleum, Heavy Metals and PFOA/ PFOS from water very efficiently. These systems can replace oil water separators, carbon filters, pump/haul services, and many other costly products and services

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Delaware Industrial Park, 6 Garfield Way , Newark , DE 19713-5817 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)
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In 1982, Naresh C. Batta started BATTA Environmental Associates as a small consulting firm providing quality solutions to clients in the local community. He determined there was a need for asbestos and general air quality consulting in the region. Growing concern over the health effects of asbestos- containing materials in schools and buildings prompted Naresh to go out on his own and start a small sampling and testing company.

From a one-person, one-room, one-desk office, Naresh has grown the company to be a leading provider of environmental consulting and management services throughout the region.  He has since expanded these services to include the areas of environmental, health, and safety management. All along he has never forgotten the humble beginnings, and he will continue to lead the company in his constant attention to customer satisfaction, safety, and quality performance.

Naresh’s passion is shared by his son, Neeraj Batta. Along with his youthful exuberance, Neeraj brings many years of engineering project management to the company. His vision is to grow the company through organic and step-out initiatives in the region and beyond. He holds all the same respect for customer attention and detail that his father has taught him throughout the years. Neeraj is a registered Professional Engineer and seeks to take the company to new heights in the years to come.

Today, BATTA has grown to be a leading provider of environmental consulting throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Our 28 years of success can be characterized by the passion to provide a healthy environment for mothers and fathers, son’s and daughters, and co-workers and bosses throughout this region. Every employee of BATTA falls into one these categories and understands the crucial importance of the work they do every day.