Bay Shore Systems, Inc.

Bay Shore Systems, Inc.

At Bay Shore Systems, we give customers around the world the extra advantage for extreme and conventional foundation drilling. We custom engineer and build tough, reliable drills for specialty drilling contractors, utilities & transmission line companies and general contractors. Our construction drilling equipment is built to last a lifetime, which is why 99 percent of our drills are still in use today. If you ask us, there’s no “average job” in construction and excavation. Each one is a new challenge, so it’s not enough to design and manufacture one-size-fits-all products. That’s why we build to your job. Your situation. Your timeframe. It’s why we’re always looking for new ways to do it better. And our commitment to your success doesn’t end when we sell you the rig. If there’s a problem, our industry-leading service team members will help you fix it, 24-hours a day. It’s that simple.

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14206 North Ohio Street , Rathdrum , Idaho 83858 USA
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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)

Our customers need to solve problems fast, and we are in the business of helping them make that happen. For today's construction and excavation projects and processes, it's not enough to design and manufacture products for the 'average' situation. The result is a company continually researching and developing equipment and processes -- finding new ways to get things done, and ways to get new things done. We believe that by giving our customers this extra advantage, it allows them to become the most successful contractors in the industry.

We maintain professional affiliations with organizations which promote excellence and high standards for our industry.  Our activity with these organizations is evidence of our commitment to the advancement of technologies and techniques to continually improve the performance of our products in the field as well as the quality of our manufacturing processes.