BD|Sensors GmbH

BD|Sensors GmbH

BD|SENSORS was founded in 1994 as a start-up by three people and within a few years it evolved into one of the most important suppliers of electronic pressure measurement equipment in the global market. The company’s head office is located in Thierstein, Upper Franconia, Germany. Today, around 250 employees work at its four locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and China. Right from the outset, the company has focused on electronic pressure measurement technology. With a consistent product and quality strategy, it has succeeded in developing a high-quality product range that sets standards both in terms of breadth and production depth in the global market. The range comprises solutions for pressure and level measurement in a measurement range of from 0.1 mbar to 8000 bar. BD|SENSORS greatly values close links to its customers and positions itself as a provider of solutions in the industry.

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BD-Sensors-Str. 1 , Thierstein , D-95199 Germany
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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BD|Sensors - Pressure Measurement at the Highest Level


'Successful medium-size companies are not successful because they are active in many areas, but rather because they concentrate on one area and do it better than anyone else.” 

This is our philosophy. That's why BD|SENSORS has concentrated on electronic pressure measurement technology from the beginning. With our unremitting product and quality strategy we have been successful in becoming a major player on the world market for electronic pressure measurement devices within a few years.

Our consistent product and quality strategy has enabled us to set new benchmarks on the global market with the development of a portfolio of pressure measurement devices that range from 0.1 mbar up to 6,000 bar:

  • pressure sensors
  • pressure transmitter
  • electronic pressure switches
  • pressure transmitter with display and switching outputs
  • submersible probes
  • display and evaluation devices

While we had to purchase all pressure sensors during the first years of our existence, we are now one of the few or possibly the only provider on the global market that manufactures four sensor technologies in-house or that has them produced by partner companies by using in-house know-how. For more information on this topic, please go to 'sensor technologies'.

Today, the product portfolio of our more than 100 standard products ranges from affordable OEM devices to high-end products with HART®-communication or fieldbus interface.

In addition we have developed hundreds of customer-specific solutions, underlining the competence and flexibility of BD|SENSORS. The excellent price/efficiency ratio of our products is proof of the fact that we are able to meet the toughest demand: Being a problem-solver for our customer .

For large production batches as well as for small lot sizes, no matter for what medium or external factors, with almost any mechanical or electrical connections - we solve your problem.

BD|SENSORS is a mid-sized, owner-managed company, which attaches great importance to independence and sustainability.

Founded in 1994 / 1995 by Mr. Denndörfer, Mr. Marecek, and Mr. Simonik with only five employees, BD|SENSORS became one of the major global providers of electronic pressure measurement devices within just a few years

Today BD|SENSORS has around 270 employees in its four locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia, and China.


BD|SENSORS is one of the most innovative and accomplished providers of electronic pressure measurement devices for industrial applications anywhere in the world.

This is not just a realistic self-appraisal; it also reflects the way the company is perceived by customers, suppliers and competitors.

The ability to come up with solutions, flexibility and competitiveness are qualities which do not apply to any other company within the „electronic pressure measurement technology sector“ better than they do to BD|SENSORS.

Concentrating on the electronic pressure measurement technology segment of the market always has been and still is the basis for continuous growth; this approach is highly profitable and involves an acceptable level of risk.

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, BD|SENSORS is able to retain its long-term independence and ability to make its own decisions, thus ensuring that it is a reliable and predictable partner to its customers at all times.


BD|SENSORS developes, produces and distributes components for electronic pressure measurement technology for industrial applications. In doing so, BD|SENSORS sets itself the challenge of delivering a solution which is technically suitable and affordable for any electronic pressure measurement technology task.

The basis for this is a product range of self-developed and produced

  • pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, hydrostatic level probes
  • electronic pressure switches, display and evaluation devices

whose breadth and depth, and which in both technical and price terms, meets the needs of industrial pressure measurement technology.

The ability to come up with solutions for the customer is augmented by the willingness and capability to develop and deliver customer-specific devices, also small and medium batch sizes, quickly, flexibly and at low cost.


BD|SENSORS represents values leading to a fair partnership-based cooperation with mutual benefits.

BD|SENSORS places the customer at the centre of all its plans and entrepreneurial activities.We set ourselves the challenge every single day of offering the customer the best possible benefit.

BD|SENSORS relies on continuous growth, with strength of earnings being more important than simply increasing sales.

BD|SENSORS strives constantly to improve its business processes in order to increase efficiency within the organisation, minimise internal friction and ensure that employees do not have an excessive workload.

When it comes to selecting and managing employees, BD|SENSORS favours continuity in order to avoid a high level of staff turnover and to give employees long-term career prospects.We advocate creativity and independent action.

BD|SENSORS maintains a policy of open communication. Transparency and a policy of revealing all information are part of how we see ourselves as a company.

BD|SENSORS treats suppliers and other service providers as partners of equal standing.

BD|SENSORS has the aim but also the courage to be “different”.The way we present and perceive ourselves combines attributes such as future-oriented, innovative and discerning.

BD|SENSORS pursues a corporate policy which is geared towards sustainability.We favour a social market economy which promotes individual initiative and requires companies to be autonomous.

BD|SENSORS seeks to combine economy, ecology and a commitment to social causes.We reject any ideologies which propagate one of these three aspects to the detriment of the others.

Since 1994, we have been developing and producing customized industrial pressure transmittes for ranges from
0.1 mbar up to 6000 bar: pressure transmitters, electronic pressure switches, hydrostatic level probes, OEM and high-end products, standard products, customer-specific products

State-of-the-art pressure transmitters, which meet all your technical and functional requirements - German top-of-the-line technology at a very attractive price.

Short delivery times and firm dead-lines, even to special designs, make BD|SENSORS a reliable partner.
BD|SENSORS reduces thus your stock-keeping and improves your economical added value.

Price & Performance
The concentation on electronic pressure transmitters has led to an extraordinary efficiency and economical pricing.
BD|SENSORS is certain to be one of the most economical suppliers on the world market, given equal technical and commercial conditions.

We solve your tasks in industrial pressure measurement quickly and economically, not only for large-scale production lines, but also for small requirements.

BD|SENSORS is especially flexible when technical support and quick assistance are required, for service cases as well as for rush orders.

Our Quality is Your Bonus for Success!

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
The highest possible quality is certified regularly. BD|SENSORS and its quality management always achieves this certification, as it did recently too.

What's it all about?
It's about no less than guaranteeing customer satisfaction. All processes and routines to be kept running smoothly within a company, between market coverage, understanding of the work, production, innovation and waste disposal are assessed from that perspective. That's what ISO 9001 stands for.

Customers need trustworthy and reliable partners, now and in the future. As technology, markets and customer needs are subject to changes it is self-evident that independent certification bodies only issue ISO 9001 certificates for a fixed time limit. Audits are run at great expense and effort, which is recognisable in that companies are methodically put to the test. This guarantees independent transparent results. Certification can only be assumed if effectiveness is apparent in all aspects of quality management. Just one guarantee for the crucial regular successful certification of BD|SENSORS lies in the sound expertise of our staff. Highly specialised personnel develop and realise customised solutions for customers from a whole range of industries on time.

BD|SENSORS' competence is reflected in its structured development, is underpinned by our clear processes and completed by on schedule assembly and delivery. You also receive quality and professionalism afterwards from our experienced sales staff and quick, uncomplicated service handling. Furthermore, the exclusive use of first-class quality purchased parts from our suppliers is indispensable for our company. Our aim is constant improvement of the highest standard.

DIN EN ISO 9001 for BD|SENSORS is the result.