Becca Inc.

Becca Inc.

At BECCA our Spray Gun Cleaners, Washers, or Solvent Distillation Recyclers set higher industry standards, as a result: Lowers your costs, Improves your efficiencies, Maintains your system to provide longer life, Provides professional expertise. Our Solvent Distillation Recyclers, Waterborne and Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners are designed for both Automotive and Industrial applications. Our goal is to reduce hazardous waste with solvent recovery using distillation recyclers consequently cutting costs on solvent purchases. As a result, creating a more environmentally friendly solution to recycling your solvent. Our systems bring cleaning to a new level, therefore your spray guns are cleaner than ever before. BECCA serving the needs of Finishing Specialists all over the world.

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2010 Cobb International Blvd. Suite H , Kennesaw , GA 30152 USA
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Hazardous Waste
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Globally (various continents)

BECCA’s technology has increased the standards of spray gun cleaning equipment, as a result, using less paint per job, thus cutting costs. Allow us to help you keep your workplace cleaner with our solvent reclamation and washer systems.


I am Barry Thomas, one of the owners of BECCA. I started with a back ground managing finishing operations working at General Motors painting struts…… Dempster Systems painting garbage trucks……. then Monroe Automotive painting shocks and struts…… DeVilbiss painting paint spray booths. Each case created unique challenges in the finishing operations that needed attention. Whether it was reducing cycle time to create velocity through the process or eliminating quality challenges reducing efficiency or dealing with the hazardous waste issues that needed to be managed. 

As a result a group of my friends wanted to find a business that would fit my background….. Then invest in that business where we could make a difference! Furthermore wanted to make changes that would drive customer success and make an environmental impact. 

At BECCA we believed we could make a difference in each of these areas in Finishing Operations: 

Who Is Barry Thomas?

My background in Mechanical Engineering and Finishing operation management along with the ability to improve systems made BECCA an attractive business. Up to 2000, BECCA USA made sheet metal structures with very little analysis on performance. In 2000, BECCA USA was in financial trouble and as a result was looking for someone to purchase the business. After evaluation of the business and the market, a group of four of us made the purchase. We are now known as BECCA Inc. We radically changed the business structure and the systems we produce. 

How: Our challenge at BECCA was to develop products that would provide Reduce Cycle Time, Eliminate Quality Issues and Reduce Hazardous Waste. 

It took us longer than anticipated to develop products and options that would accomplish the above keys. Therefore ultimately would be to providesystemsthat execute those keys in a low cost and productive manner. 

What: Consequently we developed the following Systems: 

  • FLASH DRY Rapid Drying System for both waterborne and solvent applications. It reduces dry times without contamination:
    • 50% for Waterborne materials
    • 20-30% for Solvent LogoSolvent materials
    • The BECCA System – a Spray Gun Cleaning and Waste Management System
    • Uses several tools and techniques to
    • Reduce cleaning times while providing superior effectiveness
    • Reduce Hazardous Waste generation by 80-100%
  • Delivery systems for our products that are unmatched
    • Service Parts & Consumables – Same Day or Next Day
    • Equipment
  • Stock – Same Day or Next Day Non-Stock – Call

Where: We serve the US, Canada, Australia, & Mexico

Focus on the Finishing Specialist…
Since 1995, BECCA’s focus is finishing operations. As a result with years of experience the team at BECCA assures your success. Our focus is on the finishing specialist, what we can improve on. As a result we effect:

  • Quality Excellence
  • Competitive Cost
  • High Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly


Starting with machines under $1200, BECCA’s product line-up is able to meet the needs of the small shop (or one with very limited space) up to high production automatic gun cleaners and solvent recycler systems (Filtration & Distillation).

Made in the USA…

American made components make up BECCA products which are assembled in Georgia. They include GRACO pumps made in Minnesota.

Safety for the Finishing Environment (Required per NFPA33 & the IFC)

Certified to UL 2208 & Class I Division 1 (Explosion Proof) U.S. & Canada… Our Distillation Recyclers models are all third party tested and certified to strict standards to assure their safety for the Finishing environment.

Pneumatically Operated to meet Class I Division 1 Requirements… All of BECCA Spray Gun Cleaner are pneumatically operated to assure safety in the Finishing environment.

Proprietary Features…

BECCA’s exclusive optional features make the cleaning process is even faster and more effective. Our HEAT Systems and Filtration Recycling Systems are only available from BECCA.

Paint Company Training Centers…

Our systems are nationally recognized therefore our Waterborne and Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners & Recylers are used to train the proper gun cleaning process in many Paint Company Training Centers across the U.S.A.

Easy to do Business…

We make it easy to buy, install, & service our products. Our clear and user friendly install, user,  and service instructions, along with the “How-to” laminated posters are supplied with every unit eliminating the guesswork.

Best Reps, Distributors & Service Centers…
Our Reps, Distributors and Service Centers are available when you need them.

BECCA Website Resource…
Our team is continuing to update our online resources with valuable product and industry related information and articles. As a result you will discover easy to find downloadable resources; Be it Price sheets, Installation Instructions, or even an entire presentation on the Waterborne or Solvent product line…it’s all there!