We manufacture and distribute waste recycling equipment for compacting waste in commercial and residential sector with excellent performance characteristics by innovative product development and quality engineering. With our recycling equipment we offer our customers all over the world an extra-ordinary service and in addition we have extensive experience in waste management. We are proud to support our customers to realize their waste regulations and further to reduce their waste disposal costs. Our waste recycling technology and service provide an efficient method for sorting and compacting waste to relief the environment.

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Boekerhof 3 , Brakel , 33034 33034 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)

Our constant emphasis on precision engineering, quality manufacturing and product innovation assures our customers they are receiving the best Waste Recycling and Handling Equipment available.

Our standard Product Range includes Single-, Multi, and Mill Size Vertical and Horizontal Hydraulic Balers and Compactors, Tire Baler, CRT and TV-Monitor Baler, Agri Waste Baler, Can-, Tin-, Drum- and Glass Crusher, further on different Bin and Trash / Garbage Compactors so we meet specific customer requirements.

Each Baler and Compactor is engineered to exacting standards at our manufacturing plants in Germany and Ireland. We have combined design expertise, production knowledge and customer back-up service to guarantee a quality product ensuring peace of mind from dealing direct with the manufacturer.

Consulting - Expertise - Cost Savings
Nature always finds a way - but our way is clean ...

Compliance with the current legislations for waste management is an issue that is gaining in economic importance.

By providing expert advice and expertise in waste management we help our customers significantly reduce their waste disposal costs.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by compacting your waste
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Maximize storage space
  • Increase free transport volume
  • Stackable bales make a clean and safe work environment
  • Easy to transport waste by palletizing bales
  • Better storage organization