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  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    Get expert resources and premium levels of service to take your project delivery or operational effectiveness to the next level. Give your team every advantage. Extend your team's capacity and capabilities. Make sure you are getting the most out of your software and doing all you can to optimize your work processes.

  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    Solution Implementation, BIM Advancement and Learning: Get the best results from your Bentley software applications and improve your operational readiness, optimize your business outcomes, and accelerate your time to value. Simplify the complexity of legacy technologies, customized systems, and application integration. Make the best use of people and technology. Specialized consultants help bridge the gaps in your IT resources, skills, and expertise....

  • Digital Advancement Academies

    Digital Advancement Academies

    Thought Leadership, Best Practices, and Onboarding. Bentley Institute partners with industry organizations, design-build firms, and owner-operators to advance project delivery and asset lifecycle best practices through the Digital Advancement Academies.

  • Support Services

    Support Services

    The Bentley Support Policy describes the phases of eligibility for specific support services, and provides the current and planned support status for all versions of Bentley desktop applications, ProjectWise servers and services, and License Administration Services. Understanding the benefits and the support status for your software will help you to proactively manage your licenses for your organization.

  • Learning and Assistance Services

    Learning and Assistance Services

    If you are a user of a Bentley application, you can interact with other users, get questions answered, explore new workflows, access learning resources, or get software issues resolved. Take advantage of the CONNECTION Center, your one stop hub for application support and your access point to download software from Bentley.

  • Administrative Resources Services

    Administrative Resources Services

    If you are responsible for administering software for your organization, Bentley provides you with tools to administer license access, set user permissions, analyze license use, manage notifications, and more. Follow the link below to sign in and access the resources to manage license use in your organization.

  • STAAD - Cloud Services

    STAAD - Cloud Services

    Win more business and boost your performance using the power of the cloud. Scenario Services: Evaluate the impact of changes through the design process from conceptual to construction deliverables. Run STAAD analysis and design for multiple design alternatives (scenarios), in parallel or as the design progresses, on the cloud. Compare performance of these design alternatives side-by-side using dozens of performance metrics. With Scenario Services you...

  • ContextCapture - Cloud Processing Services

    ContextCapture - Cloud Processing Services

    UAV companies and surveying and engineering firms, leveraging reality modeling in-house, can utilize ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service to upload photos and/or point clouds to generate 3D engineering-ready reality meshes, orthophotos, digital surface models, and point clouds dramatically faster than before. This high-performance, cloud-based service automates the production of 3D models of virtually any size or precision without the need for...

  • GotPermits - Multi-state Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Services

    GotPermits - Multi-state Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Services

    GotPermits provides an online permit application system for oversize/overweight vehicles by participating state systems. You can save time and increase efficiency by entering only the specific information needed by relevant states to obtain multi-state permits and routing to resolve cross-boundary issues. The software’s uniform processing not only simplifies data entry but also ensures you conform to all state laws, routing requirements, and...

  • Solutions

  • Solutions for Architecture and Engineering

    Solutions for Architecture and Engineering

    As an architectural or engineering firm, you need to deliver the highest quality work on schedule and under budget. Whether you are a single discipline or multi-discipline firm, you need to equip your professionals, empower project teams, and collaborate with other project stakeholders. No matter what your role in project delivery or what type of project you need to address, we can provide your organization with the modeling and project collaboration...

  • Solutions for Construction

    Solutions for Construction

    As a construction firm, your project teams face challenges every day. Your projects are ambitious and complex. Your team is more distributed. Project completion schedules are tighter. You need to improve project planning, protect eroding margins and contain project risks, all while ensuring safety and producing the highest quality of work. With our solutions, you can streamline construction workflows, optimize resources and manage the lifecycle of...

  • Solutions for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

    Solutions for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

    As an EPC organization, your project teams face new challenges every day. You need to deliver complex infrastructure and industrial projects on budget and on schedule. Your projects are larger and more complex. Your multi-discipline teams are more distributed than ever. You need to improve overall project planning, protect eroding margins, manage contractual schedules, and contain project risks, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety and...