Berlinwasser International

Berlinwasser International

With more than 10 years successful business development in international water and wastewater markets, Berlinwasser International AG is one of Germany’s leading international water and wastewater operations and management providers.

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Stralauer Straße 32 , Berlin , 10179 Germany


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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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With more than 10 years successful business development in international water and wastewater markets, Berlinwasser International AG is one of Germany’s leading international water and wastewater operations and management providers.

Water for Quality of Life. With this idea in mind we are currently active in Central and South-Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Berlinwasser Internationl is taking up the challenge presented by the shortage of drinking water supplies and the urgent need for wastewater treatment.

Clearly defined products and services at hand that are essential to sustainable and economic water resource management, we focus on combining technological and commercial expertise for the efficient operation of water supply and waste water disposal systems.

Tailor-made solutions for our clients ensure that we remain a highly competent partner. Our large-scale infrastructure expertise, advisory capacities for investment and our consulting projects are generating high customer value and guaranteeing consistent quality and services in the water and wastewater treatment sectors.

The international activities of the BWI AG and its 2,250 employees in 12 countries are managed from the Berlin headquarters. The company’s main shareholder is the federal state of Berlin, over Berlinwasser Holding. Berlinwasser International AG is the entity responsible for the management, planning and development of the international activities of the Berlinwasser Group. BWI effectively draws on the competencies of the entire Berlinwasser Group for its international projects, and in particular the know-how that the Berliner Wasserbetriebe gained in its decades of experience.

We are a competent partner for public entities. Our clients include national, regional and municipal authorities as well as international financing institutions that support improvements in the water and sanitation sector.

Our clients include private and public water companies in developing and emerging countries, countries undergoing political transition or restructuring that receive aid money from international financial institutions for expanding, enhancing and modernizing their water sectors.

BWI secures contracts for and implements internationally funded projects and provides consulting services financed by private companies in newly industrializing countries. BWI prepares offers for tenders on technical collaboration for international financial institutions and national organizations.

We offer municipal utility companies a comprehensive portfolio of services for supporting complex municipal tasks, from operating water and wastewater treatment plants through network management on to of water supply and wastewater disposal.

In collaboration with municipal and local water utilities, the Berlin-based company employs its know-how to achieve economic, social and environmental objectives in equal measure:

  • Operation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Operation of water supply plants
  • Operation of networks
  • High quality drinking water 24/7
  • Environmentally sound wastewater disposal
  • Effective operating structures
  • Modern production flows
  • Decreasing water loss
  • Water appropriate for industrial use
  • Customer-oriented modern service.


We are developing sustainable financing models for our international clients that effectively combine investment capital with bank funds and national and international financing instruments.

Berlinwasser International AG has a fine reputation as a partner for international commercial banks and national and international institutions engaged in aid, export financing and development activities. BWI has cooperated closely with such institutions for many years on several different types of projects.

We work with our financing partners to design and implement individual finance and insurance models tailored to suit the type of project involved – operations management, management or consulting contracts, TOT, BOOT, BOT, DBO – and the target country – Hungary, China or Namibia, e.g. BWI also makes its expertise available to outside investors, such as investment funds or private investors, in addition to developing investments for which it arranges the financing.

When carrying out projects, BWI meets predetermined general requirements using its controlling and reporting instruments. Our business relations with national and international funding institutions and banks, stretching back over many years, bear witness to this.

BWI AG is always interested in working with new partners while continuing its activities within existing partnerships.

We are designing and implementing projects and tailored solutions for the efficient operation of water services systems that generate a high level of customer benefit while guaranteeing stable water quality and security of supply and contributing to the sustainable protection of natural resources.

Projects on four Continents
Thinking globally – Acting locally. Since its establishment, Berlinwasser International AG has repeatedly developed and implemented projects involving the operation, management and provision of consulting services for drinking water supply and wastewater disposal systems on four continents.

Both the challenges and the demand on the international water market are enormous: 1.2 billion people on our planet do not have access to clean drinking water. Water pollution is a major cause of many diseases. More than three million children die every year as a result of infections and diarrhoeal diseases brought on by contaminated water. In many cities in developing countries wastewater is allowed to flow untreated into rivers and other bodies of water and contaminate groundwater.

We are manufacturing added value
Our excellently trained and experienced project managers provide a combination of technical and business services to ensure the efficient operation of wastewater and water supply systems.

Our international reference projects cover the entire chain of added value creation: from feasibility studies to the design of concepts for utilizing sewage sludge; from management in plant construction, servicing and of reconstruction projects to the design of master plans for water resource management; from engineering and the structure of tariff scales through to cost and contribution management.

Our projects draw on and benefit from the skills of the entire Berlinwasser Group and the know-how of Berliner Wasserbetriebe in particular.

We are creating high customer value, guaranteeing stable quality and services of water and wastewater treatment. A variety of in-house and market leading technologies as well as state-of-the-art engineering is applied to structure and implement the projects in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Application of proven group technologies
For all our projects, we have access to our in-house technologies, proven in numerous applications and of superior standard and adaptable to the project requirements.
Some examples are:

  • Management Information System (CMMS & LIMS)
  • Remote Meter Reading
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Operations Monitoring- and Management Systems (UBI, LSW & LISA)
  • Water resource Management
  • Innovative Pipelaying (trenchless, inliner)
  • Innovative Membrane Technology, water reuse concepts, Sludge utilization

We are supplier impartial and combine our in-house technologies with best practice market technologies to the benefit of our client.


Development of leading edge solutions
We have a team of experienced engineers who develop leading edge solutions for water and wastewater projects. Concept studies and basic design form the basis for optimum life cycle costs. Our engineers aim to design the best engineering solutions to find the optimum mixture of capital expenditure and operational expenditure costs in order to satisfy client requirements.

Operational Efficiency

Finding practical solutions
The operational expenditures form a major share of the project costs. We are committed to implement energy savings, develop innovative staff concepts and to improve management structures. Our operations background gives us an advantage in finding practical solutions.

Training and know-how transfer

Success is all about people
Our project approach focuses on well structured training concepts in order to transfer our know-how to the client in a sustainable way beyond the project life time.

Process Optimization

Hands-on ideas and concepts
A major share of possible cost savings potential lays in diligent design and smart optimization of existing assets. Our aim is to come up with innovative process solutions and to identify optimization potentials within existing plants. We can revert to long lasting experience as an operator with hands-on ideas and concepts.