BETEK`s 250 employees produce carbide-tipped wear tools, tool systems and wear protection solutions, such as for road building, mining, foundation drilling, agricultural technology, minerals extraction and the recycling industry. As an globally operating company, we are one of the leading carbide manufacturers in the world, built on a strong foundation as part of the SIMON corporate group. That provides us with all possible options for fast and flexible market responses and exceptional efficiency. To our customers around the entire world - large construction machine manufacturers and construction companies - we offer high and consistent carbide quality and customer-focused service.

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Sulgener Straße 21 – 23 , Aichhalden , 78733 Germany
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

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Wherever minerals are extracted, raw materials mined and construction material crushed and recycled, wherever soils are processed and metal surfaces must be protected from wear, that's where carbide from BETEK is used: as a tool system, a wear protection solution, or as a component. Our entire product range is developed, designed and produced with leading edge manufacturing technologies at our company headquarters in Aichhalden, in the Black Forest region of Germany. We have decades of experience in carbide production. From here, product innovations travel all around the world, setting standards for users: for the highest quality, durability and user friendliness. What's more, BETEK also offers its customers comprehensive services – for everything up to consulting directly on site and reliable logistics. Drilling, milling, crushing, compacting: no other material withstands these stresses as well as carbide from BETEK.

Setting the trend.
BETEK is one of the foremost global manufacturers of wear parts and tool systems incorporating carbide.

Our production portfolio offers tool systems for 15 primary fields of application, as well as several niche fields. It focuses on road construction, foundation drilling, the recycling industry, and the mining and tunneling industries. Numerous patents safeguard our role as technological trendsetters.

High quality.
Our complete range of products is produced at the company headquarters in the Black Forest town of Aichhalden, Germany – quality 'Engineered and Made in Germany.'

As a medium-sized company we are able to react to our customers' needs quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way,  always focusing on the benefits to our clients and customers, and their ongoing success.

Financial strength.
As an independent subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG, BETEK can invest in state-of-the-art production facilities and pioneering product innovations.

Creating profit.
Maximum quality wear resistant tool systems permit peak machine performance. This ensures our customers success, and a competitive edge.

Our solutions set the standards for user friendliness and cost efficiency, because we consider wear across the entire system.

We offer our customers and business partners a product strategy they can rely on and an adherence to deadlines they can trust.

Raw materials.
Tungsten carbide is produced from carbrised tungsten powder and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest known materials, but it is also brittle. Combining it with soft cobalt produces a material which is very hard and resistant to wear and which can withstand extreme impact loads.

Top quality.
We use only first rate raw materials in order to guarantee the best sintering ability. We purchase most of our tungsten carbide powder and cobalt from Europe. These expensive, but high-quality materials form the basis for the top-class quality of our tools.

The composition of the tungsten carbide is always tailored to the application. This ensures the necessary toughness with good resistance to wear.

The right mix.
Raw materials are blended and wet milled based on the desired carbide quality. Free-flowing carbide powder is produced within the hot gas stream of the spraying tower.

Electronically monitored pressing.
When carbide powder is pressed into forms – producing so-called green bodies – it achieves approx. 50% of its final density.

Sintering at 1,450° C.
Sintering in Sinter-HIP systems provides the carbide with its outstanding qualities. Precise process management, which requires specialist knowledge and lots of experience, determines the quality of the carbide.

Experts tell the quality of tungsten carbide from a uniform particle structure with very minimal inclusions and impurities. Users can tell a good quality product from its durability and pattern of wear.

Porosity says a lot about the raw materials' purity and the care taken in the production process. The lower the porosity, the lower the wear and risk of breakage.

The hardness of sintered tools is determined by the composition of the raw material powder and the size of the particles. If the hardness is matched to the job in hand, then wear is low.

Resistance to breaks.
If tools break, it means the tungsten carbide quality is poor or the tool is not designed for the use in question. We avoid this with premium quality and by helping users to choose the right tools.

Resistance to wear.
Tungsten carbide must show great resistance to wear, yet also be sufficiently ductile. Every application requires varying ratios here of hardness and ductile quality. BETEK's technical knowledge and great experience make the company a leading specialist in this area.

Consistent quality management.
All production steps are optimized, monitored, controlled, and continuously improved where necessary, down to their fine details.

Constant checks.
From the receipt of raw materials, to spray drying, pressing, and sintering, constant quality control accompany the entire carbide production process.

Control up to the construction site.
We include ongoing experiences from practical tests in our improvement process. The high standard of our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.