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Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

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  • Mercury Recovery/Recycling Service

    Mercury Recovery/Recycling Service

    Bethlehem Apparatus operates the world's largest commercial mercury recycling facility in North America with over 100,000 sq. ft. of specialized systems and proprietary processes in continuous operation. We have the capacity to process from a few ounces to truckloads of 55-gallon drums efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Mining Industry Solutions

    Mining Industry Solutions

    Bethlehem Apparatus is a leader in providing mercury waste solutions and processing for by-product mercury generated by the mining industry worldwide. We have the expertise to solve even the most difficult mercury disposal problems

  • Mercury Retirement / Stabilization

    Mercury Retirement / Stabilization

    Today there is worldwide concern over the amount of elemental mercury available and its use, especially in developing nations where environmental controls are lacking. In response to these concerns, Bethlehem Apparatus has developed a unique process that allows the retirement of elemental mercury from future use by stabilizing it into a form that can be safely land filled. This patented process (U.S. Patent No. 7,691,361) converts elemental mercury...

  • Shipping Containers For Recycling Mercury Waste

    Shipping Containers For Recycling Mercury Waste

    Bethlehem Apparatus has developed several shipping containers to facilitate safe, convenient recycling of mercury waste. By using our DOT and U.N. approved containers, you can be assured that your waste packaging is in full compliance with government regulations.