Publishes BIC newsmagazine which provides feature articles, industry updates and regulatory information, as well as delivers the message of industrial suppliers to a comprehensive range of industries and industrial buyers.

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6378 Quinn Dr. , Baton Rouge , Louisiana 70817-4529 USA
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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Internationally (various countries)

BIC Alliance’s mission is 'to connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all,” and in a business setting, better usually means growth. When a company looks to grow, it can do so in three ways: an aggressive marketing plan, hiring the right people, and acquiring businesses (or obtaining capital for expansion). Our unique business model helps businesses accomplish all of these growth opportunities with the BIC Alliance family of companies.  

BIC Magazine                        
BIC Alliance publishes the Business & Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine 10 times a year. BIC reaches 120,000 mid- and upper-level managers and executives in the refining/petrochemical, drilling and exploration, pipeline, marine, terminal, pulp and paper, power generation and heavy construction industries. Departments in the publication cover industry concerns such as safety, maintenance, purchasing and the environment.            

BIC’s unique format features not only the latest news and trends but also marketing campaigns that include ads, ongoing editorial, direct mail, e-mail blasts and access to databases. BIC Alliance also holds networking events, affording an opportunity to visit with their peers and exchange ideas, leads and business cards.  

BIC Recruiting                        
BIC Recruiting’s focus is on sales and marketing management, general management with P&L expertise and mid- and senior-level sales executives. By working with its investment banking affiliate, BIC Recruiting has expertise in the placement of C-level executives for employers in existing as well as new positions where mergers and acquisitions have occurred.                        

BIC Alliance has an extensive network of more than 25,000 contacts that allows it to fill a variety of positions throughout industry. BIC Recruiting conducts screening and reference checks, arranges interviews and provides any necessary candidate assessment tools that allow the employer to assure that a good fit will occur for both employer and candidate.    

Lastly, through partnerships with other recruiters, BIC Recruiting also has expertise in placement of marketing, operations, engineering, environmental, health and safety professionals.  

IVS Investment Banking                        
IVS Investment Banking (IVS) allows BIC Alliance companies to be a one-stop shop not only for marketing and talent acquisition but also for merger and acquisition matchmaking, investment banking and recapitalization.                        

Through relationships and interest from strategic buyers such as BIC Alliance members and the limited universe of private equity groups, IVS is able to run a 'dual-path” when representing sellers, maximizing value for its clients.                        

Over the past three years, the principals of IVS Investment Banking have completed $171 million of transactions that include management led buyout, sell-side engagement and leveraged recapitalization.  

BIC Media Solutions
BIC Media Solutions is a fully integrated communication, training and event planning division within BIC Alliance. The mission of BIC Media Solutions is to offer a broader range of multimedia communication and training services to BIC Alliance’s marketing partners and readers, including custom book publishing; creative services; human performance improvement in the areas of management, marketing and sales via seminars; and event planning services for trade shows, conferences, and networking and hospitality events. 

BIC Publishing is the custom book publishing division of BIC Alliance, offering turnkey production or upgrading of sales, marketing, management and operations training materials needed to help your business run better. BIC Publishing services include copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, layout, design, marketing and publicity.            

BIC Publishing has produced four books — 'It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story,” 'Energy Entrepreneurs,” 'Industry Achievers” and 'Earl’s Pearls: Jewels of Wisdom Worth Passing On.”    

Since 1984, BIC Alliance and its sister companies – IVS Investment Banking and BIC Recruiting – have earned a reputation as a primary communication link for connecting buyers and suppliers in business and industry with one another. BIC Alliance helps companies experience organic growth via increased market share and through mergers, company acquisitions and key talent acquisitions.

Mission Statement:

To connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all.