Biobot Analytics, Inc.

Biobot Analytics develops cutting-edge technology to transform sewers into public health observatories. Wastewater contains valuable information about the health of communities. We collect it. We analyze it. We tell you how to leverage it to make your city better. Our first product is to measure opioids and other drug metabolites in sewage to estimate consumption in cities. With this data, those working on harm reduction can assess the scope of the epidemic, allocate resources, and gauge the effectiveness of programming over time.

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Cambridge , MA USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

Biobot Analytics partners with cities across the US.
We measure opioids and other drugs in sewage to estimate consumption at the neighborhood level.
The opioid epidemic is considered one of the biggest challenges facing American cities. Yet those working to combat this public health crisis are using data limited to overdoses and emergency calls, which represents an estimated 4% of people who suffer from opioid use disorder.

Biobot Analytics' Opioid Consumption Monitoring (OCM) Program measures opioid and other drugs in sewage to estimate overall consumption in cities. This data enables those working on harm reduction to assess opioid use in their communities, decide how to allocate resources, and evaluate interventions over time.

Biobot's data reveals a democratized assessment of opioid use, providing aggregated, anonymized, and unbiased insights into the health of communities.